Remineralizing Cavities

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I am really excited about your program. But I was wondering something. I went to the dentist today and she said I have 5 cavities and that I need fillings immediately. Can I start your program without getting the fillings in hope that they will get better.

Thank you very much

Hi C,

You can definitely start the program now. Even if you end up getting these filled they will last longer if you begin this system in advance.

In fact I would send you immediately /today to Walgreens to get ACT mouth rinse ( check the photo on carefully to see the image and don’t buy Restore by mistake) Also get the original Crest regular toothpaste.


Your local health food store may sell xylitol mints or gum. Any brand of 100 percent xylitol will work. Of course, Zellies taste the best and are the best but any xylitol will work for today.

The use of xylitol and ACT together will help to heal your teeth.

Use the xylitol after everything you eat or drink or whenever your mouth feels acidic or dry. Use the ACT mouth rinse after cleaning your teeth.

If you want to use the entire system great, but at very least use the correct toothpaste and the ACT rinse. Use the rinse twice or three times a day hold it in your mouth for as long as possible. The longer this ACT (dilute 0.05% fluoride rinse) is in your mouth the more healing will occur. When you spit out do not rinse the residue/thin film off your teeth go to bed at night leaving this residue on your teeth. If you eat or drink during the night eat some more xylitol or rinse again with ACT.

Imagine you have a deep cut on your hand. The flesh needs to heal and also the skin for the wound to go away. Xylitol helps the deeper layer of your cavity heal and the ACT works on the outside “skin” of your tooth. Together these products will work wonders but it takes time.

If your teeth do not hurt you may be able to buy some time. I am not in a position to tell whether or not to have those fillings done.

I would hope that your dentist has helped you figure out what caused the problem : WHY you have those cavities. Cavities are caused by mouth acidity > usually + dry mouth.

Now start to reverse them.One guy was able to reverse four cavities in a couple of months.
I have no way of telling how deep these are and I have no authority to advise you on this.

Good luck the ACT and xylitol are amazing and will help. This system can reverse cavities but it takes time and I do not know how desperate your situation is.

You could ask another dentist for a second opinion. There are dentists who believe in remineralization and reversal of cavities and some do not. You may want to ask the office staff if your dentist believes that cavities can be reversed. This would tell you something.

Good luck and let me know if you need more information especially if you need links to papers and studies that show remineralizaion.


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  • jvisit says:

    Dear Dr. Ellie, Six months ago, I started having xylitol consistently every day, and started on your CWT system about 5 months ago. I have been very consistent with the rinses, Crest toothpaste and xylitol. I noticed very heavy staining next to my gums, but my gums do feel better. I had a cleaning appointment today (the hygienist had to scrape quite a bit), and expected the dentist to find no more cavities (she had mentioned a few earlier, and I had hoped to get rid of them with your system). However, she said the old cavities looked the same, and had to be treated, and there was one new cavity on the last molar that was not seen on my last visit. How could this happen after using the CWT system so diligently? By the way, my dentist detects cavities using the new Diagnodent laser. I am very discouraged. Do you think my cavities will heal with continued use of the CWT system, or will I need to get them filled? P.S. I was so happy to have found your system, since I believe in the same things that you do, that the body can heal itself, given the right environment. Thank you very much,Jo

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Dear Jo,Thank you for the update.First of all I think it is great that you have improved your oral health. Obviously the staining that was cleaned away at your cleaning was dead plaque bacteria. It sounds as if your gum health is already on the right pathway. Congratulations! Now let’s talk about the bacteria of dental disease. When you eat xylitol it takes 6 months of consuming 7-10 grams of xylitol each day to eradicate dental caries bacteria from your mouth.In the first 5 weeks the xylitol will help you remove the bacteria from your tooth surface (in the plaque).After this time you will gradually reduce the numbers of harmful bacteria in your saliva,those sticking to your tongue, gums and skin around your mouth.Until you have eaten xylitol consistently for at least 6 months it would not be a surprise that you may still have some harmful bacteria in your mouth. The Diagnodent is equipment that measures by-products from bacteria. The light will shine(fluoresce) when it detects these bacterial products. I am not surprised that after only 5 months you still have some bacterial by-products in the deeper crevices of your teeth.The Diagnodent is a very rigorous test. If you were my patient I would talk to you about any symptoms, consider your age and when you started your new oral health program. I would be interested by the positive changes in your gum health and understand that eating xylitol takes time.I would feel that xylitol seems to be working in a positive way for you. I cannot get between dentists and their treatment plans. Here is a link to a page that describes how the machine works: Ask yourself if you think your dental team want you to avoid fillings.I hope you can avoid fillings if possible. Do they? Some dentists think a filling is “No Big Deal”. Not me.I would do anything safely possible to avoid a filling. If this were my mouth, and I had absolutely no symptoms, I would probably want to wait longer. I am sorry that I cannot help you more – I am not in a position to diagnose.If I can only explain how things work and I am happy to do this. If I were you, I would definitely continue on the program – as rigorously as ever – maybe even more! Make sure you clean your bushes every day. Make sure your give yourself a long use of ACT twice a day – and especially last thing at night without fail.Make sure that you eat at least 7 grams of xylitol – especially after food and drinks. I hope you will be able to avoid these fillings if possible.I think that you should discuss the idea of waiting so as to give the program a little longer to work with your dentist. He should understand why you want to do this.Perhaps you could go back in 3-4 months and then have another look at these teeth. Good luck.Ellie

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