Why Closys?

Hi Ellie,

I saw the Closys rinse on your site. Should I be using this, too?

I already feel like things are changing in my mouth. My husband said that my teeth look a little brighter these last couple of days.

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Dear A.,

I recommend Closys for several reasons:

–>Closys (when used before tooth brushing) will help prevent tooth brush abrasion (see notes below about tooth brush abrasion)

–>Closys (when used without adding the flavor) appears to lift bacteria from periodontal pockets around teeth

–>Closys helps control bad breath
Closys adds a special boost to the CWT system that I recommend. Those who use it as part of my system just love the results!

Tooth Brush Abrasion
Tooth brush abrasion has recently become a buzz word in the dental world.
It is easy to damage or rub away delicate tooth enamel during tooth brushing (the dental word for this rubbing away is “abrasion”).

If your enamel has been softened by something acidic it will be especially easily rubbed away.
Remember that your mouth will be acidic after drinking something that is acidic (fruit juice, apple juice, soda, diet soda, Gatorade, wine, coffee, beer etc). Your mouth can also be acidic if you have acidic saliva or if you have acid-reflux problems.

There are many people who have acidic saliva people under stress or anyone who is sick or on a mineral-deficient diet.

Women over the age of 30 often have acidic saliva.

Anyone with hormonal imbalance (teens) or anyone with a dry mouth (medications, stress, sickness etc) will be prone to acidic saliva.

In other words, this means that most people with adult teeth need to be careful about mouth acidity!

If you brush your teeth when they are “acid-softened” they will be easily worn down or abraded.
Closys is acid-neutral so it is a perfect Pre-Rinse to use before brushing your teeth. The goal for dental health is to build up dental enamel to the thickest and strongest possible.
Thick and strong tooth enamel will be shiny and whiter-looking.

For these reasons I recommend every adult should use an acid-neutral rinse BEFORE tooth brushing. I guess you could rinse with salt water, xylitol water or eat a Zellie mint before brushing. Those things would work and would make your mouth alkaline. (Beware: baking soda makes the mouth alkaline, BUT I do not EVER recommend using baking soda because I believe it can cause serious gum recession.)

Closys has additional benefits besides protecting your teeth from tooth brush abrasion.
Closys is quite hard to find in stores and is relatively expensive.
You have to decide your priorities.

If you have any signs of gum disease, morning breath or bleeding when you brush, I would suggest you definitely choose Closys as your pre-rinse. I usually send people to Walgreens as they have a good price. Ask the manager of your local Walgreens to stock the larger 32 oz size (and ask them to stock Zellies and put them on the same shelf!!)

If you add Closys into your routine, use it before brushing and swish it around your teeth particularly around the back molars. You do not need a lot so one big bottle will last a long time.

I will soon be offering small travel size bottles of Closys on the website.
Personally I cannot live without this rinse! But I would add a side note: I do not recommend Closys toothpaste I only recommend Crest Original paste.

Hope this helps!
I am delighted to have your progress reports!

Dental Health for Everyone!
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Rochester NY 14623

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  • Laura says:

    I'm curious why you don't recommend the Closys toothpaste. Only reason why i ask is cause i've been using it for many years already and it does the job.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    This is a great question!I am certainly not trying to change a system that is working for you. If I meet someone who is not able or not interested in using all the mouth rinses I recommend – then I suggest Closys toothpaste as an alternative to keep them healthy. For example, many of the dishwashers in our family restaurant will not search to buy the rinses that I recommend. I give them Zellies, Closys toothpaste and clean toothbrushes all the time! I figure this is the best I can do for people with no interest in my system! If you try my Complete Mouth Care system in the way that I recommend using it – xylitol and all – you could compare the feel of your mouth. I bet you will love the way this system makes your mouth feel – special smoothness and a tingly clean! There is no doubt that Closys is a wonderful product – and I am one of this company's biggest fans.If you are looking for the ultimate in oral health, however, I recommend my system.Perhaps one day there will be a way to compare differences – but for now, you can feel the differences by trying my system and then using the "feel" to compare!

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