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Dear Dr. Ellie:

First, thanks for being there and for answering questions.

I just got my order yesterday Closys and Zellies mints. How important is using the Listerine and the ACT neither of which I now have?

Many thanks,

Hi TH,

My “system” was created to help three kinds of people. Those looking for:

1.) Maintenance and general prevention:
2.) Those at risk for gum problems or who have (or have had )gum disease such as plaque build up, bad breath, bleeding, recession, periodontal problems, loose teeth.. etc.
3.) Those at risk for tooth problems or who have or have had cavities, broken teeth, worn teeth, staining, sensitivity etc

I believe that everyone can benefit from the prevention that xylitol offers:
Xylitol will ‘clean’ up your mouth from gum disease plaque and cavity-producing bacteria. (It takes six months eating 7 grams a day minimum)

Xylitol protects teeth from acidity and helps put minerals back into their structure to heal teeth.(Whenever you eat it)

I would advise adults to use the entire rinse system but there are certain “parts” of this system that focus on specific dental health issues:

Closys helps those in group (2) especially those with EXISTING gum problems, bad breath, plaque build up, periodontal problems etc.

Listerine helps PREVENT FUTURE gum problems (but I do not think that Listerine improves an existing gum problem you need Closys for that). Listerine “cleans” toothpaste off your teeth and makes ACT work more efficiently by “prepping” the teeth ready for this final rinse. I would never leave Listerine on teeth.

ACT is a protective and remineralizing rinse. This works best for those with the last group of problems (3).

The dilute sodium fluoride in ACT will help repair the outer layers of your teeth, make teeth shine, and make teeth more resistant to acid attacks. I believe that this is important as we age, for those with a dry mouth and for anyone with an acidic mouth. Used after Listerine, ACT works particularly well.

I would suggest using all the above but I guess if you wanted to select only one it would depend on what your problems are.

I hope this explains why we have three rinses!


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