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Dear Ellie:

I have purchased $100 worth of your products but I have a question. Should I suck on the Zellies mints or chew them? Also, if I use the Xylitol sweetener, should that be held in my mouth or could I just add it to my coffee and drink as normal?

I am nearly 74 with some periodontal problems. My dentist wants to do “deep” cleaning but I do not want that if I can avoid it with your products.

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Dear TSH,

It is best to use some xylitol AFTER everything you eat or drink.

It does not matter if you chew or suck the Zellies either way will work.

It is the sugary solution of xylitol in your mouth that is going to help you. I would suggest a mint or two after each meal and snack or after any drink or cup of coffee.

It is OK to add granular xylitol to your drinks – but you will get more benefit to your teeth if you make xylitol the last thing on your teeth after eating or drinking.

Are you using the other products I recommend for cleaning your teeth? The Closys is wonderful for periodontal problems when you use it in the routine I suggest.

Let me know if you need more help.

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  • Steve says:

    Hi Dr. Ellie,I just went to the dentist and she told me I need deep cleaning and root scaling which will cost me $1300. She claimed I had several pockets that were over 11mm and about 5-6 pockets over 5mm. I decided to research this and I came across your system. I have started your complete system already but I am wondering if I should first have the deep cleaning performed to get all the tarter and plaque off before I continue with your system. Or do you suggest I stay on your system for a few months and then go to the dentist to have it re-checked? I am concerned that if I stay on your system and some of my deep pockets get smaller, that the tarter will be hidden and not cleaned when I later go to the dentist. Any advise would help. Thanks, Steve

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Hi Steve,This is a quick reply – so that you know what to do and can get started ASAP!Send me another e-mail in a couple of weeks and let's talk some more.Basically if you remove the infection – the plaque/tartar will dissolve and disappear. I cannot advise you what to do – but I do recommend starting an aggressive program where you ensure at least 5 exposures to xylitol each day ( and between 5-0 grams daily ) IS ESSENTIAL.READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS about using the rinses ( NO flavor in the Closys) No water between the rinses – disinfect your toothbrush EVERY DAY.Watch whom you kiss and whom you share food with. Ensure you end every meal with some xylitol – and you MUST end every day with my rinse system!!!Read my book and read my website – print out the brochures and GO for this!!! the time-line on this site – and be a little patient. mm pockets are a horrible problem – but if you work at this – I believe you can reverse them a lot – and maybe completely.Start now- be serious- worry about toilet infection getting on your brush and fall in love with xylitol!Write to me again soon – and I will help you more.YOU CAN DO A LOT to heal this yourself – but there are details your need to know and I am happy to help.Don't use a waterjet or other device – trust my rinses!Make sure you have all the products correct – I THINK YOU HAVE ONE SHOT – or it will be too late!!!Best Wishes,EllieDr.Ellie Phillips DDSSolutions for Oral Healthwww.DrEllie.comDr

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