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Dear Dr Ellie,

Thank you so much for your time, information and help on Saturday. I went to Walmart to get the products you told me about. I bought the ACT brand. Is the Equate Wal-Mart brand ok? I saw that it has the same fluoride, and amount as ACT.

Also, do I need to rinse with the Listerine?

Lastly, are the “natural” toothpastes that have fluoride in them too abrasive? I have seen one before with sodium fluoride.

Sunday night I used the ACT and felt like I could not get rid of the taste. Should I take any xylitol after this before bed?

Again, thank you so much for all your time.


Dear AS,

I never suggest substitutions for the real deal.

ACT contains a perfect blend of ingredients and other ingredients that add a “cling’ to the solution. These make it work better than sodium fluoride alone. These ingredients cause ACT to linger long and the longer the solution is against the tooth the better job it will do. I tried Equate and some other “similar” products and I do not believe they will work the same.

I do not like the new Restore products either.

You ask about the Listerine.
You can use whatever you like but if you want the results I wish for you you need to get all the ingredients just right. I think you need to start with the recommended products so that then you will know the difference if you make substitutions. This is how I noticed the “scratching” from the xylitol toothpaste I tried. Yes, this paste contained xylitol but it was far too abrasive.

My system has been developed slowly as a clinical dentist.
This is different from recommendations made by a salesperson for a branded product.

I noticed people who had nice teeth and asked them what they were using. I noticed people who had bad teeth and asked them what they were using. I realized recently that people using Sensodyne were not achieving the results they should. It then dawned on me that the way Sensodyne and ProHealth work they were preventing the system for working properly.

I only recommend things that work. When used in the order and used twice a day you will see results. If you use ACT and xylitol you will see some improvement it may not be as much but it will make a difference.

Good luck I know that it is difficult to gain the confidence you need.
I need to put you in touch with others who have crossed into this “not exactly holistic” territory. Keep thinking how important oral health is for general health. What is the point of using an herbal product that does not work?

Take care,

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