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Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I have been chewing Xylitol gum for about 2 months after finding your website. However, I’m not sure if I had the recommended 6.5 grams or more each day. If I only had about 4-5 grams a day is there any benefit? or did I just waste time and money for the past 2 months? 

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Dear C,

Xylitol works in different ways:

Helpful benefit #1
Every time you eat a piece of gum you are helping your teeth harden themselves. This happens because xylitol stimulates calcium rich saliva into your mouth and this raises the pH levels in your mouth to exactly the correct pH for remineralization of teeth to occur. The more you harden teeth the better! (never wasted).

As far as effect you have to out-balance the amount of damage you are doing to your teeth.
If you are someone with a lot of “risk factors” or you sip soda or acidic drinks all day your teeth will need a lot of help!

If you have a healthy mouth with plenty of natural mineral-rich saliva four pieces of gum is probably enough to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Beware “risk factors” spring up on us( for more details read The Power of Xylitol Book available on my website!)

Helpful benefit #2
Xylitol works by slowly wiping out the bacteria of dental disease the critters that cause gum disease and cavities. For this you DO need at least 6.5 grams of xylitol each day and if you have dental disease in your mouth ONLY that level will eradicate the problem. They have research to show that at 10 grams a day you reach a “plateau” effect in other words more xylitol will not make more bacteria go away.

If you have gum disease that is not improving check your the amount you are regularly consuming. If you are still having cavities check your the amount you are regularly consuming.

If your teeth are still sensitive check your risk factors in other words the reasons you have damage to your teeth and try to balance this damage with repair!

I hope this answers your question.

Ellie Phillips
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