What to do with Crest Pro Health

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I have Crest Pro Health toothpaste (I did buy regular Crest for the complete system) but can I use that until it’s gone? I’m trying to get rid of the stains on my teeth that are there now.

Why do you recommend regular Crest toothpaste?


Hi CC,
Thanks for the contact address.

I would put your Pro Health somewhere else not in your mouth! Personally, I put the free samples sent to my dental office address straight into the garbage!
I would not even give them away!

Crest Pro Health acts a bit like Spackle. It works to blocks up holes in teeth.
The problem is we want to put minerals back into any holes in your teeth. If they are already blocked up with a tin (stannous) compound it will prevent you putting back the minerals which will strengthen and naturally whiten your teeth. You see tooth color is all about how strong your teeth are. (By the way Sensodyne is similar and seems to prevent the healing and full recovery we are trying to achieve with this system).

The stannous fluoride product in ProHealth is different from the sodium fluoride used in regular Crest. Stannous fluoride is well known for staining teeth. If you ready the tiny print all over the toothpaste box I think you will read this. Many people are also sensitive to this product and complain about mouth soreness.

Regular Crest was made in the days when they were trying to make you the best possible toothpaste. Today I wonder what the motivation is definitely marketing to the public’s desire for white teeth not healthy teeth.

Regular Crest is made in America. It has just the right amount of abrasiveness not too abrasive. Some toothpastes even ones made with xylitol for example can be too scratchy and not helpful despite one or two good ingredients.

So I will stick to my guns!
Crest Regular Paste or no paste at all!

Remember to use only a clean toothbrush.
Hope this helps.

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  • iftah11 says:

    Am i better just brushing with nothing?
    I can get my hands on crest where i live.

    • You could brush with xylitol but then you should not do the Listerine step because you do not have enough “base” protection for your teeth. One tube of 6-8 oz of Crest will last for at least a year: you only need a pea size amount each time. It may be worth you looking on Amazon for this product – even if it seems expensive!

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