CWT System and a dental partial

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I wrote you a few days ago about my receding gums and I thank you for your response. I just recently had 4 extractions on the bottom row (middle), all in a row, due to the roots showing completely and one of the teeth was so loose that it had to come out. It has been a little over 20 days since the extractions. I have been using sea salt rinses so that the gums can completely heal because I am having a “partial” put in to replace my lost teeth. 

I am extremely anxious to get started on your complete system and was wondering when I should start. Also, I had a dental cleaning 3 weeks ago however my teeth still look yellow in some areas and they are not as white and clean looking as I would like. I have already had an “impression” done but it is not the final one. I am excited about having some teeth. I am wondering how my teeth, the new partial and your system will work together, since, the color of the partial will be matched up with the color of my teeth as they are now. When your system starts lightening my teeth, how will the partial look over time? I have already purchased your whole system with the exception of the xylitol, which I will be ordering from you today. I cannot thank you enough for your wealth of information and your deep concern for great dental health! 

With Blessings, 

Dear A.,

I think salt water is great for healing tissues. When I worked in Switzerland we used to encourage patients to eat fresh pineapple for a week before surgery to help speed healing. I know some other dentist who have suggested this and seen great results.

I do not see any reason why you cannot start on the system now that your gums are healed over. I would use the system twice a day. Start with the xylitol as soon as you can.
The combination of xylitol and the ACT will strengthen your teeth and this is why they will start to look whiter.

Tooth enamel looks yellow when it is soft.
Having “cleanings” can remove some staining but the process often removes the harder layer of the tooth. Hard teeth are whiter teeth, so “cleanings” do not really make teeth look whiter.
If people notice their teeth are darkening they should take action to reduce acidity in their mouths by eating xylitol after everything they eat and drink.

Xylitol helps to put minerals into the deeper layers of the tooth surface.
ACT mouth rinse helps put minerals into the outer layer.

I would use the system regularly and at least twice a day starting as soon as you can.
When they take a color match for your partial ask your dentist to go a shade lighter tell him you are working to keep your teeth healthier and believe that they will lighten up a little more. Of course the longer you can wait for this color match to occur the betterbut I am sure you do not want to go around for long without a partial in the front. I think you will be happy with the results in the end.

Good luck and let me know if I can help more.
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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