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Hi Dr. Ellie,

After I read your directions forthe CWT System over a few times it hit me that the only thing I may not be doing correctly is the listerine part. I use enough closys to squeeze in and out of my teeth for a minute before the brushing and end w/ enough ACT to squeeze in and out for a minute after the listerine. But I don’t think I was using enough listeirne to squeeze in and out for 30 seconds after the brushing.

This morning I tried using more listerine and it felt like it was “working”. I finished up w/ ACT and thought I solved the problem and was getting the full effect of the routine. But, around 5 minutes later I had a lot of discomfort in a reseeded area (inside of the bottom middle teeth area) like the sensitivity I remember a few years ago when I tried bleaching strips. It was pretty much active on and off the whole day. I’ve never experienced any sensitivity from your routine so I’m wondering if I need to play w/ the amount of listerine and try to reduce it so I get just enough to squeeze thru my teeth. Or have you had reports that this happens sometimes when people are getting used to using the routine correctly. Any thoughts?



Dear L,

I would say take a “Zellie” (even after cleaning your teeth) if or when you feel sensitivity.

Think of ACT and Zellies as “moisturizer” for teeth.
The more sensitive your teeth the more you need a drop of lotion on them!

ACT is healing on the very outside of a tooth but xylitol goes down a little deeper into the surface building minerals down into the structure. This is why I believe you need both ACT and Zellies for achieving and maintaining perfect teeth.

Nerve endings are in the inside of a tooth, surrounded by soft dentine and harder enamel.
The enamel can develop porosity and have holes or pores in it. (Whitening strips open up these pores (holes) to let the peroxide go deep inside to bleach the soft yellower dentine layer. ….I won’t start ranting about white strips here!

My system of tooth care is based on the idea of naturally blocking off any holes in your enamel with natural minerals. My concept uses natural minerals from your own mouth. Sensodyne and ProHealth products work like spackle to fill these holes. These products may work for a time but this is not a natural repair and sooner or later it will fail then your sensitivity will return. I prefer a natural repair that will build strength into your teeth as nature intended.

Xylitol and ACT do not “do” anything to your teeth they simply work as instigators (kind of project managers!) to make minerals from your mouth go into your teeth. Xylitol works a little differently from the ACT. Xylitol puts minerals deeper into the tooth layer closer to the inside which is why xylitol works really well for sensitive teeth. When this process is completed, the holes in your tooth will be blocked up with natural minerals. Now your own tooth will stop air and liquids from reaching these nerves inside the tooth naturally as nature intended!

As you know Listerine is very good at stopping gum disease. The problem with Listerine is that it dissolves som minerals out of teeth (because it is acidic). We have a dilemma should we use it to effectively help stop gum disease while knowing that it makes teeth more porous?

The answer comes by using my system. Using ACT after the Listerine can immediately reverse the damage and since ACT works best in an acidic mouth you end up with teeth that are even stronger than if you used the ACT alone. It is the perfect chemistry to use Listerine followed by ACT.

The only real difficulty comes if your teeth are too soft to deal with the Listerine because they have many holes in them. At this stage it will be a bit of a balance game until we get your teeth hardened up enough.

You may wnat to consider an extra ACT rinse (all by itself) at some point during the day. Also make sure at night while your mouth is dry that you have your teeth protected. Do you drink water during the night or wake up with a dry mouth? Zellies are here to help and protect your teeth during the night!

Another thought, do you take minerals for your body health? Do you eat calcium rich foods much? Have you tested your body pH? Any stress or hormonal changes leaches minerals from our body so women are often prone to sensitive teeth at these times.

Just thinking that you may need some extra help with extra minerals particularly calcium and potassium. USANA make an excellent mineral supplement kind of big to swallow but I swear by them.

Hope these are useful ideas. Every woman needs to understand that her own saliva can be her own worst enemy during stress and times of hormonal change. Our own saliva can become almost as acidic as Listerine. This is why women, in particular, need to use ACT and xylitol for dental protection.

This is what I do!
Have a great day,


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