Decaying Teeth and No Dental Insurance

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I am 21 years old and I currently do not have any dental insurance. I have three teeth that have decayed. The most obvious one is the one on my front tooth. It has decayed on the side in between the tooth. I have currently being using MI PASTE, oravive, which contains nova in to reverse this problem. I have currently starting using ACT. Is this decay reversible or is my only solution going to the dentist and getting fillings? Or will your system work and how long will it take to see progress? Will the enamel grow back or just harden? Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Please Help Me.

Thank You

Dear AL,

Teeth can heal themselves but it takes time 6 months to two years most likely.
You must be consistent in your care.

This is why I came up with a special program that makes your mouth feel very clean and fresh while at the same time it repairs and strengthens your teeth. You will love the clean feeling each time you use the rinses and eat the Zellies mints.

If you use this program it will help your teeth.

In the end, if you decide that your teeth do not look nice enough you can always go and have a filling put into the teeth. Any filling after you have been on this program will have a better chance of success and of lasting much longer maybe lasting for life.

I would suggest you try the CWT system. Buy a kit or take great care to make sure you are using the correct products.

It is vital to use only the specific mouth rinses and use them in the exact order. Using xylitol and the rinses I recommend will have a great result for you something you will feel in a matter of weeks.

MI paste is quite expensive. I have never needed to recommend it to my patients. Teeth can repair themselves with xylitol and ACT mouth rinse. Using the complete program can speed this repair and also helps heal gum problems. What do you have to loose?

Let me know if you need more help. I am away for a couple of days but would be happy to talk with you on the phone this weekend if you like (no charge).
Let me know.

Ellie Phillips
Dental Health for Everyone!
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester NY 14623

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  • Anonymous says:

    i just was going to post the exact same thing.. i have a dark spot in my front tooth in between the two teeth. As well I am 21 with no insurance. also i have a cavity in the front in the tooth to the right of my front tooth i actually have been going to walgreens and buys a filling for it myself so it is less noticable. it is quite embarassing actually but im a student with rent etc. not much i can do at this point and time when it comes to seeing a dentist. will your program help me out at all??

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    If I had unresolved dental problems and could not afford to see a dentist here is a list of things I would do: in order of importance.Note: The volume of rinses you use is not important -You can use half the manufacturers recommended amount you will still get the benefits.Protecting your teeth last thing at night is most important. Lowest Cost Way to protect teeth : Xylitol+Clean Toothbrush +Crest Toothpaste made into a slurry-rinse.• Use xylitol after every meal, snack or drink • This will wipe out the bacteria of dental disease and stop more damage.• Eat at least 6.5 grams xylitol each day. • Xylitol is most effective at the end of meals ( when these germs multiply) – five or six times day.• Zellies mints and gum are great tasting and easy to use – but granular xylitol is a cheaper! You can dissolve two packets( or two teaspoons – 8 grams) granular xylitol in water – like a cup of tea! Let this cool and put in a water bottle. Sip after meals, drinks and snacks throughout the day – or whenever mouth is dry. You could mix and match your xylitol – some mints, some gum and sometimes this liquid. Clean your toothbrush in Listerine every dayBuy a Zellies tooth brush and use Crest Original toothpasteIf you cannot afford to purcahse all the rinses – a slurry can be made from Crest Original toothpaste and used in place of the rinses by mixing the paste in your mouth with water after brushing. • Finish brushing • Take a sip of water (about a spoonful) to mix with the toothpaste in your mouth. • Swish this liquid around your teeth for a couple of minutes. • Spit out and then do not eat or drink for half an hour. 2. Little more ExpensiveWay to protect teeth : Xylitol+ Clean Toothbrush+ Crest Toothpaste+Listerine Rinse followed by ACT rinseI do not recommend Listerine unless you invest in the ACT rinse to wash the Listerine off your teeth.ACT is not expensive and often on sale in Wal-Mart. Do not substitute with store brands please! 2. Best Way to protect teeth : My complete mouth care system – invest in all the products – it will really be beneficial You can print up the booklet:

  • SLewis says:

    Hello Dr. Ellie,I am a dental hygienist and am an advocate of xylitol and ACT. The doctor that I have been working with has been promoting MI paste. From what I have read in your website, you are not an advocate of MI paste and note that it is an expensive product. Could you give me a little more of your opinion of MI paste? If used, do you feel that there is good science behind this product? Do you think patients would comply with this product? Do you like xcare gum with recaldent?Kindly,Shannon Lewis RDHEFPS You have a great website. :)PPS I ordered some of the Zellie mints and my 7 year old son is a big fan.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    As far as I am aware, most people have plenty of minerals for remineralization in their own saliva.I would hate to recommend expensive and unnecessary minerals.The most important fact to know is that for minerals to go into the teeth, the mouth must be at a pH of 7.2 or above. [The only exception to this rule is remineralization in the presence of dilute fluoride. Dilute fluoride, in contact with the tooth surface, acts as a catalyst and enables remineralization to occur.Interestingly, in the presence of dilute fluoride, remineralization occurs best in an acidic mouth.] Xylitol works by raising the pH of the mouth above pH 7.2 and improving the transport of minerals into teeth.This is why xylitol and dilute fluoride rinsing is so important for those with acidic mouths, acid reflux or bulimics. I wonder about the pH of MI paste.I wonder if MI paste works by raising the pH of the mouth, rather than by the minerals it contains. Does anyone have evidence based studies to show how effective it is?Has anyone seen remineralization to the point of cavities reversing themselves? I am awaiting replies to these questions! In the meantime – I know that my system will help remineralize and heal teeth, and so I will continue to teach the Complete Mouth care System I know will be helpful to anyone with adult teeth and will continue to help them year after year! Thanks for the question and your kind comments,Ellie

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