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Hi, Dr. Ellie,

I have another question, if you don’t mind. I so appreciated your help with my other issues! I have been using the CWT system morning and night, but I often like to brush once or twice during the day after meals as well. Is it okay to just use the Crest, without the rinses, for this? Or should I just use xylitol alone at these times?


Dear TP

I like to suggest Xylitol to protect teeth after eating and drinking but it is also fine to brush your teeth.

The only problem is brushing acid-softened teeth: that means brushing your teeth when you have just had an acidic drink.

Bulimics have stomach acids in their mouth and are warned not to brush their teeth because stomach acids soften tooth enamel.

It is important to rinse your mouth with water or eat some xylitol BEFORE brushing if you just had an acidic drink, or if your mouth tends to be acidic. The use of Closys in the “program” has various reasons one is because it is pH neutral and makes your mouth neutral before you start brushing.

If you are not using the Closys step be careful not to brush in an acidic mouth.

As far as which rinses to choose or not choose for those extra times each day (by the way, I think three times a day is enough. Use xylitol for the other one!) You force me to prioritize the system from a value added standpoint! You have to decide if your problems are mainly gum or tooth ones.

If you have gum problems of any kind (Recession, bleeding, bad breath, pocketing, loose teeth):
then I believe that Closys (unflavored and used before brushing) is your main ally.
A clean toothbrush is also essential if you are fighting gum disease (To clean a toothbrush: Swish the brush in Listerine, rinse under running water and air dry or use a UV sanitizer. Avoid storing near a toilet since bacteria plume into the air during a flush).

If you have weak teeth, brittle teeth, breaking teeth or fillings, teeth that wear away, staining or sensitivity:
I believe that ACT is your main ally.

ACT becomes a more powerful ally if you use it after brushing your teeth the last thing.
Using Listerine in between the brushing and ACT simply helps to magnify the effects of the ACT.

You can certainly just brush your teeth with Crest Original.

In fact, for those unable to purchase rinses for any reason, I recommend brushing with Crest, and then (before spitting out the paste) take one tablespoon of water into your mouth and make a slurry rinse from the remaining toothpaste.

So, the answer to your question depends on your dental problems.
Anyone will benefit from the Crest followed by a “slurry” rinse.
If you have the time to do another rinse choose the one that will help your dental problems the most.

Hope this answers your question!

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  • Jan says:

    I use the system first thing in the morning and then I immediately have my coffee. I see where you have said not to eat or drink for a couple of hours afterwards but I want to get rid of the bacteria in my mouth as soon as I arise. What should I do?

    • It may be difficult to break the brainwashing you have received all your life! People are often trained to get up in the morning and immediately clean their teeth. The idea is plaque grows over-night – but yes – you understand why this is “wasting” the benefits of the system.
      I suggest you consider xylitol as a way to “clean” plaque from teeth. Eat a piece of xylitol gum or a mint when you get out of bed! Let Zellie’s “clean” your teeth! Have a coffee, go to the gym….whatever you need to do. Wait until you have a clear “no eating or drinking” hour ahead and then do the System – so your teeth can enjoy an hour as this amazing system “soaks” into your teeth. Don’t just wash it off with acidic coffee. Good luck and do let me know if this idea was helpful.

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