Treating Candidiasis with Xylitol

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I came across your site by researching candidiasis. Is the gum/candy 100% xylitol?….I can’t have mannitol, sucrose or any other sugar substitute except stevia and xylitol. Also do you have any thoughts on removing mercury fillings and heavy metal toxicity and if the mercury fillings has any bearing on my intestinal candidiasis?

Any info would be appreciated…


Dear Annette,
My gum and mints are 100 percent xylitol no other ingredients on your list!

People with candidiasis have found them very useful I would suggest the mint or fruit gum for you. I do have thoughts about mercury fillings the main one is to avoid any kind of peroxide in your mouth.

Peroxide appears to corrode mercury fillings and this can release mercury vapors. I always warn people never to use peroxide or baking soda in their mouth for oral care even when added ingredients to toothpaste. If you have smooth and healthy enamel surrounding good fillings I do not believe they pose much of a threat. I have some old mercury fillings in my mouth that were placed when I was a kid. My concern is when these fillings disintegrate, fall out or dissolve in acidic mouths and especially when people are using peroxide.

For your health, I also believe that it is really important to keep your toothbrush clean and free of bacteria and mold. If your bathroom is damp – or if you live in a damp climate, I would suggest that you take great care of cleaning and drying out your toothbrush.

You will love xylitol. It is best to eat around 6-8 grams a day. Xylitol is ideal after meals and the small amounts eaten spaced out throughout the day.
The gum and mints make this easy to do.

If you prefer, of course, you could dissolve some xylitol in water and just finish each meal with a small xylitol drink.

Hope this helps,

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