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Dearest Dr. Ellie, 

I am a 51 year old woman. I have had receding gums for many many years (most likely peroxide & baking soda have been the cause). I just had my teeth cleaned by my dentist about 2 weeks ago. My teeth look very nice although I still have and probably always will have the yellowish/brownish stains where my teeth meet my gums. 

I would like to start your complete system as quickly as possible. When I do, what should I expect? Will my teeth become more yellowish/brownish temporarily? Would you please be so kind to explain what the process will be and what I should expect and for how long. Will my gums ever go down and if and when they do, it would cover up the yellowish/brownish color. Thank you so very much for your website, as I am so pleased to have found it. I will look forward to your reply. Thank you in advance. -A

Dear A,

Prevention is so much easier than the cure!
The trouble is that nobody thinks gum recession will happen to them.

Once your gums have receded, it is a challenge to get them back and the more recession you have the less chance they will grow back.

The dental world will tell you that gums do not grow back, and I have no research to prove what I say but I know that nature heals teeth and mild gum problems. I believe that with sufficient time you will get healing of your gums and that some will grow back over your teeth.
I cannot tell you they will grow completely but if you can STOP recession you will be ahead of the game.

Almost 100 percent of American adults have gum disease. I believe that over 70 percent of adults loose their teeth mostly through gum disease as they age. Gum disease is a progressive disease of the mouth: a bacterial infection. We have to work to get rid of bacteria.

Eating around 7 grams of xylitol daily will eradicate harmful bacteria in your mouth but it takes six months before they are all gone. Eating xylitol at the end of each meal, snack or drink is the best way to do this. Harmful bacteria double at the end of a meal so this is the best time to try and wipe them out! By the end of six months your mouth should feel much cleaner because of xylitol.

When you start using the system of mouth rinses you will enjoy the experience. Within two weeks you will like the way this makes your mouth feel. Sensitivity should go away and teeth will lighten in color over the first six months and continue for two years. (I guess as the teeth lighten it may make the root area appear darker in contrast.) An evaluation of your progress by your dentist would be interesting at the end of six to eight months on the system.

Let me know if I can help in any other way. Remember to keep your toothbrush clean at all times! Here is a PDF Link for the System

Good luck and I wish you healing and success,
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