Bleeding Gums

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I’d like to order 8 fruit flavor mints and 8 mint flavor mints. The whole family is on board w/ Zellies!

I’m wondering if you have any ideas of anything I can do in addition to using Zellies and doing the Closys/Listerine/ACT routine and using the good toothbrushes I got from you. At my recent checkup the hygienist said my gums were bleeding a little (hasn’t happened since I started my routine) and when I showed my dentist a few sensitive areas that have been bothering me, he said it was due to recession and put bonding stuff on them. I’ve cut down from cleanings every 4 months and now I’m doing 6 months w/ the intention of spreading it out more and more. If you can think of anything else I can be doing, please let me know.


Hi L,
If you are using my system and still having gum problems something is not right.

My questions would be:
Are you eating enough xylitol to reach the threshold each day?
Is your toothbrush clean and stored safely each day?
Are you using the Listerine in the correct place after brushing and before the ACT
Check you have the correct items (check you did not buy ProHealth Crest, the Restore ACT or something else… by mistake etc.)

1. Make sure you are eating at least 6 grams of xylitol each day ( around 13 Zellies mints) each day. You can use other forms of xylitol gum or even the granular BUT YOU MUST REACH A THRESHOLD of 6-8 grams every day to eliminate the plaque bacteria.

2. Treat your toothbrush as you would your shower area bacteria and mold will grow whenever you give them the chance. Damp conditions shared with others always higher risk conditions. Make sure you keep your toothbrushes clean every day. Make sure you store them away from the toilet.

Make sure your toothbrushes dry out completely never store in a bag or with a cap to cover.
After travelling make sure you do a thorough toothbrush cleaning or get a new brush out and throw the older one away.

3. Listerine should be after brushing and the best way is to “squeeze” the liquid in and out between your teeth. Think of it as liquid floss! Now you are ready to finish up with the ACT think of this as a mineral soak for your teeth leave it on your teeth for as long as you can!

4. We have talked a lot about making sure you have the correct items.
It is easy to have the wrong ones be very careful we are putting new pictures on the website to help people do their shopping!

Hope this helps. We will send out your order today.
Please let me know what you think may have been the issue.


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