Xylitol and Water ("Z-Water")

Dear Dr. Ellie, (posted from an email)

I was wondering If I could possibly use the xylitol and a small cup and possible give it to my son after meals like in a medicine dropper? He takes medicine very well and he likes the taste of the xylitol. I went to a health food store and bought it as soon as we spoke. I also bought the tooth paste and also ordered spiffies. I was so happy when you called I wanted to cry, you calling me back showed me you cared about my son. I truly appreciate that! So please let me know what you think about mixing the xylitol with water and giving it to my son in a medicine dropper. Thanks a ton! You truly are a blessing!

Summit IL

Hi CS,

I think it is an excellent idea.
You are doing all the right things.

Good luck and please keep in touch!
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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