Bad Fillings

Dear Dr. Ellie,

About 4 years ago I got a mouthful of white fillings. The fillings in the back teeth started breaking down and leaking a year ago. My dentist told me the teeth could not be refilled and would have to be crowned because the fillings were so large to begin with. Within the last couple weeks I have noticed that the fillings between my front teeth have also broken down. (This is what prompted me to discover and start your CWT system.)

I can see holes between my teeth if I turn my head and look at them in the mirror. They are not so noticeable if I look at my teeth straight-on, and at this point I’m the only one who realizes they are there. They are somewhat sensitive at times, but not painful. I would like to heal them with your system but I’m starting to fear it may be too late. I’ve considered going to my dentist but I’m honestly terrified that he will tell me that my front teeth can’t be refilled and will need to be crowned. I absolute do NOT want that; I would like to keep my front teeth intact! I know you can’t say for sure without seeing me, but can you give me an idea of how bad a front tooth would need to be before it would require a crown?

Thank you again! JM

PS–I am loving the system so far. I’ve been using it for just over a week and my teeth are already shiny and whiter. And no more of that gross ‘fuzzy’ feeling on my teeth when I run my tongue over them after eating–they feel smooth all the time now!

Dear JM,

I am not in any position to answer your question I wish I could.

I can tell you that if you did not have a dentist I would advise you to trust the “feel” of your teeth. Keep on the system and as long as your teeth “feel” better with less sensitivity then you should be on a very good track.

People have seen their teeth harden up remember to clean your toothbrush regularly store it dry and eat some xylitol after every meal or snack.

I believe you have a better than 50-50 chance of doing this!

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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  • jm728 says:

    Hi again, I’m sorry to keep bugging you but I keep thinking of more questions!I’ve been looking at these cavities and they go all the way to my gumline. What if the decay has spread under the gumline? Would that be impossible to remineralize?I also have read where you say that it is the calcium in the saliva that remineralizes teeth. I don’t get much calcium in my diet since I am (mildly) lactose intolerant. Do you think this will cause a problem for me?Thank you so much for your help and patience.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I think everyone needs to make sure they give their bodies the ingredients they need to protect us.If your diet is a little lopsided – maybe talk to your local health food store and ask if they have a supplement to recommend. You may want to test your mouth/saliva pH. This will tell you about your mouth and body acidity(which can reflect mineral shortage).If your mouth is acidic in the morning (when you wake up) you should work to try and correct this. As we age, if we lack minerals or if we are sick – our saliva will become acidic. This acidity is not healthy for our bodies or our teeth. I suggest diet, sunshine, adequate rest and supplemental vitamins to try and help your body protect itself. I suggest my CWT system to give teeth protection and help them heal themselves. Mouth rinses are great at reaching all the difficult nooks and crannies in our mouths.I cannot tell how bad your teeth are- but this system will clean up your mouth, build strength into damaged teeth and give you a much better chance of dental health in the future – than if you do not use the system. It sounds as if you are going to need some dental care to fix your teeth in the end. This system may not be able to reverse all the damage and you may need fillings. The good news is that you will have stopped the disease part of the process. This means that any repairs you have done will have a much better chance of lasting for the rest of your life. You really have nothing to loose. Think that you may be able to have just a single, one-time treatment. All the work you do using the CWT system will give you a much better outcome in the end. That is worth the effort – Correct?

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