Questions about the Listerine Pump

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Do the Listerine mouthwash pumps work well? Are they exactly like what is in the picture, or is there another tube connected to it to reach the bottom of the bottle? Is there a price break on shipping after a certain dollar amount? Can I split a shipment? That is, send what I buy to different addresses?


Dear MT,

The Listerine pump has a tube attachment which fits on the piece shown in the picture. The pump works in the 1.5 liter bottles and those who order them are happy with them. We sell the pump at low cost but our Priority Mail shipping is relatively expensive for one unit.We would only charge you the actual shipping costs if we ship to two addresses, each would be $4.80 for shipping. Multiple pumps can be shipped at cost (which is calculated by weight) I hope this helps,Ellie Phillips, DDS

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  • I’ve been using the same pump I got from Dr. Ellie years ago. I use it every day and it still functions flawlessly.

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