Help for a Cancer Patient

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

Thank you for your advice about the CWT system the other day we did go ahead with the Closys, too. Seemed like it was worth using the whole system. I like it. I wanted to tell you also we are introducing your system to my mother, who is a cancer patient and not allowed to floss due to low platelets and risk of infection. This system could really be a godsend for a cancer patient, between the infection issues and the mouth irritation from chemotherapy. We have high hopes for this getting her teeth and gums into good shape. She was thrilled when I explained it all to her. Do you have a book?


Dear C,

You will find the CWT system is wonderful for your mother’s oral health in her current delicate state of health. I am working with two hospitals locally to introduce them to the CWT system for their cancer patients.

My goal is to get the patients to use the CWT system in total before the radiation and chemo.
Then to use the xylitol in any palatable way during the cancer treatment as a mouth wash, in a solution of water as a drink or as a mint or gum to refresh the mouth.

Following treatment, when they are able, I would get patients back on the entire program – or at least as much of it as they can tolerate. The Closys will help clean the mouth and the ACT and xylitol will help to put minerals back into teeth. A couple of patients on my program have already shown extraordinary results. I hope we can do some studies to prove how this helps.

Thanks again for your letter. I would be delighted to send you a copy of my booklet The Power of Xylitol.

Please let me have an address to mail it.

Next year I hope to publish a more complete book about the system.

Good luck to you and my best wishes to your Mom.
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