Questions from a mom and childcare provider

Hi Dr. Ellie!

I am so excited to have found your sites, Zellies and the other products that you recommend for clean, white teeth! Also, thank you much for all of the information you have put together to share with us out here in “internet-land”!

I am a mom of two and we have just started using the CWT system. I can feel a difference already in my mouth!

My youngest daughter (10 years old) is the reason I found your site. She just recently fell on a blacktop play area and chipped (and had “surface scratching”) to one of her permanent front teeth. Our dentist told me that she though the tooth, other than what I mentioned above, was fine, but we might over time notice some discoloration. That got me looking around for information and I ended up at your site!

My oldest daughter (17 years old) has some spotting on her teeth (we have heard it could be fluoridosis or due to antibiotic use at a young age or prenatally). The spotting is white and while her teeth are not a pretty white, but duller in color/off-white/yellowing. Hoping that the CWT system might help restore a healthier looking mouth for her as well as the work it will do help keep the cavities to a minimum.

I am a daycare mom as well to 15 full and part-time children. I am curious about Xylitol and it’s use in infants. I know that many of the families that I have provided childcare to over the years have introduced infant veggies first and fruits later, in an effort to keep their child from developing a “sweet tooth” (preferring sweeter foods). I am not sure how this theory really fits into reality, but with this theory in mind I wonder how they would feel about offering Xylitol to infants… have you run across this idea before?

I also wonder if you might share with me some pamphlets about Xylitol, CWT and Zellies that I could then pass on to the families that I serve? I see CWT as a super answer to many of the struggles I have heard about from the families I have served in the past 15 plus years it is hard to get young children to cooperate with teeth brushing, flossing?? no way!, ear infections, juice drinkers, candy eaters and cavities!

Thanks Dr. Ellie you are providing such a great service!
AE – Minnesota

Dear AE,

Thank you so much for your message some days I really need this kind of encouragement!

I would love to send you more information and some samples of things to care for baby teeth.
Please let me have your address and I will send these out to you this weekend.

Your teens will love the results they see with this system especially your daughter with darker color teeth. Let her know that tooth enamel is like glass colorless. The reason teeth look dark is because they are soft. Tooth enamel will shine like a diamond if you build minerals into it. Eating Zellies and using the CWT system will do exactly this!

I would love to talk to you more to find out other ways I could help -please let me know.
Thanks so much,

Dental Health for Everyone!
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Rochester NY 14623

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