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Hi Dr Ellie,

I have a question about ACT rinse and ACT mouthwash (restore), what is the difference between the two? And about xylitol, can I use biotene which has xylitol as an ingredient in it instead of chewing the gum? I have both ACT products and I just bought the biotene product, what do you suggest my routine be? Should I dump the newer ACT restore mouthwash? thank you for your input-

Dear R
The formulation of the new Restore is very different from the original ACT.

The problem with marketing claims and “clinical trials” is that in practice the outcome desired may not be achieved. Prevident is a strong fluoride gel and although the sales sheet sounds good in practice I have NEVER seen good results from the use of Prevident. In clinical practice I have seen patients who use ACT and they always seemed to have terrific results. Because of this I trust ACT and have always found that it produces the effects I am looking for. I am not sure if the same results would be achieved with Restore.

The same answer would be given for Biotene. I know that regularly eating Zellies breath mints will help change and improve oral health because it has worked for thousands of people many known to me personally. I have never seen much in the way of improvement with Biotene. It may help but it does not produce amazing in the way that my “Complete Mouth Care System” produces. I do not think it does any harm but I doubt the amount of xylitol is adequate.

I would advise you to use the products that I recommend in the order I recommend.

I do not know what to tell you to do with the Biotene maybe keep it for some future time.
I would use the original ACT maybe the Restore also for some future time.

Only when your mouth is truly healthy will you appreciate the difference that occurs when you omit or change one of the products. For example, recently I tried a xylitol toothpaste to see if it would be something I might recommend. I like the idea of xylitol in the paste but it seemed to be mixed with an abrasive maybe sand:) and seemed to scratch my tooth enamel not good!

I hope this answers your question,
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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