Closys Toothpaste?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I visited Closys website. There is a chart that compares abrasion levels of toothpaste, which you frequently discuss in promotion of Crest. The chart rates Crest quite high, while Closys toothpaste is half the abrasion of Crest. Plus, there is no SLS. Is this a toothpaste you’ve been able to observe in comparison to Crest that could be a beneficial replacement to Crest because of these factors?


Dear OP,

I did not care for Closys paste. Also I have not seen the results I would like to see in order to recommend it. It may work and it is certainly less abrasive than most.

Crest does not abrade enamel and I am very satisfied with all the results seen. I know of many, many people who achieve the results they love when using the CWT system.

Can someone answer my question? ” Why does everyone want to create a different system?

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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  • LH says:

    Some of us are interested in avoiding certain ingredients that otherwise good oral care products (Crest, ACT, etc.) contain. When we see a product that appears to provide the benefits that the CWT system products provide, but without the less desirable ingredients, we wonder if maybe it work work as well as the CWT system, but without the perceived downside. I, for one, am always on the lookout for newer products which might be an improvement over older products. We are definitely not knocking your tried-and-true system! Really!I truly appreciate the effort that you put into educating us.

  • Di says:

    Oh, just because they have curious minds. At least I hope that’s it. Same thing happens to me at work. I get asked a question, I answer it (based on experience) and I get those comments like, “oh no, that can’t be right” or “how about this?”.I just give them “The Look” now.

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