Closys: Aftertaste?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have started using the Closys mouth rinse and it causes my taste buds to change after doing my routine I have a bitter/metallic taste in my mouth which causes what I eat or drink later to not taste right. This lasts all day. Have any others experienced this with CloSYS? I heard that this was a side effect and happens in about 5% of those using the product. Can you give me more information as I really want to use the rinse but can’t stand the after effects.


Dear CG,

I do not believe that your metallic taste has anything to do with the Closys.
I think that using the system I recommend will soon take care of your problem.

Make sure to use the rinses in the order I suggest not as described on the packages! I only suggest regular Crest toothpaste no baking soda or whitening just the old regular paste CREST.

I think you also need to make sure that you have at least one teaspoon of xylitol(6.5 grams) each day in some form. This would be about 13 Zellies mints or you can mix and match the mints with other forms of xylitol. Each piece of gum is approximately one gram. You have to do a little math and you can also use granular xylitol in the program. I think you will find your taste returning after a few months as you use xylitol each day.

Do make sure your toothbrush is stored dry and that you rinse it every day in a little Listerine wash the Listerine off it under the tap and dry your brush out COMPLETELY. I have a feeling this change in taste buds may be a kind of mold that has somehow grown on your toothbrush and is in your mouth. Xylitol will get rid of this quickly from your mouth. The process takes a couple of months usually.

Please send me an update in November and let me know if my suggestions have worked!
I am interested to learn more about this because I have heard a similar stories.

You may want to change the location in your home where you clean your teeth in the kitchen and not the bathroom, especially if your bathroom is damp (do you get mold in your shower ?)

Just some thoughts to consider! Easy solutions that may bring relief to you.

Wishing you a great weekend.
If you still would like me to call please give me a number and some good times to call you. Thanks.

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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  • Do you have any recommendations for an alternative to Listerine for someone who is *severely* allergic to eucalyptis?

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Thank you for your comment and question.I would suggest just leaving out the Listerine step. The other products will still provide many benefits. If you leave out the Listerine step – there will be less “insurance” about plaque.On the other hand, if you eat at least 6-10 grams of xylitol each day – plaque should not be a problem (unless you are a high risk patient). I hope this answer helps.This CWT system works for virtually everyone who uses it. When people change or leave out ingredients, the outcome they achieve will be more dependent on variables connected with their health and individual mouth(dry mouth and mouth acidity are the risk factors for dental disease). Thanks again for the question,Ellie

  • Anonymous says:

    I am commenting on the Closys mouth rinse. I too get a bitter/metallic taste after I use it and it does last more than a day. That means that everything I eat and drink tastes bitter. I was not sure it was the Closys at first so I eliminated everything else. It is definately the Closys, which now rests in my garbage can. I will share this with my dental hygenist who recomended it to me. TP

  • Anonymous says:

    I just started using Closys last night at bedtime and noticed today that I am having the bitter and metalic taste. Even water tastes bad.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I suggest using the Closys as part of my complete mouth care system – with the other products and also adequate amounts of xylitol.Are you doing this?Are you using the Closys before you brush?

  • Marissa says:

    My husband and I started the complete system about 3 weeks ago. we use the closes right before brushing and swish for about 1 minute. we both have been noticing a very bad taste in our water especially. And I assumed it was my filter, but now after getting fresh water from the store it’s the same metallic taste! I’ve been noticing this taste for about 1 week now and haven’t been drinking a lot of what because of this!
    I think I’ll Make sure I’m swishing with closys for exactly 1 minute and see if it improves. It’s pretty wierd to have taste buds altered like this, I have never had this problem before..

    • I assume you have the correct Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste, and not Crest Pro-Health or Sensodyne or a paste with triclosan or stannous fluoride. Many pastes are notorious for a metallic taste (especially the two paste I mention and I never recommend using these).

      Over the years I have had patients complain of a metallic taste – often with a slimy feel in the mouth. These patients had used bleaching, whitening or baking soda prior to using my system. It appears that their entire mouth biology was already out of balance before starting my system, but they became aware of it as their mouth health began to improve. Keep on the system but consider that if your digestion is good – you may want to take oral probiotics for a few weeks. If your digestive health is not great – perhaps begin with a digestive probiotic. Always try to limit drinks to mealtimes and remember to clean your toothbrush in some Listerine each day.

      • Marissa says:

        Thanks for the response Dr. Ellie. I do appreciate all of your insight that you continue to share. I do have the correct toothpaste. but in the past in 2012 i was using baking soda as a ‘tooth powder’ and my teeth became very sensitive to say the least. I have been working on improving my teeth ever since with not too much success. I sure am glad I found your system! Thanks for the advice. Will be takin probiotics. I do use xylitol multiple times each day! My gums seem to be improving! I thank you much!

  • Stephanie says:

    My dentist told me to use closys. After two times using it, I had a bitter taste but not metalic
    taste. Now since I stopped using it , the bitter taste was gone.

    • If you have gum disease – it is possible for the harmful bacteria in your mouth to “melt” in certain liquids – even water – and make it taste bad. If you get your mouth healthy – then this taste problem will go away. Instead of giving up on Closys – I’d suggest you use it as part of the Complete Mouth Care System and also use plenty of Zellie’s mints and gum during the day – after meals. When you focus on this you will be changing the entire health of your mouth for the future.
      Consider this may be your problem if you drink sodas and other drinks – because you don’t like the taste of water….it’s a sign you should not ignore!
      Here is a link to the Complete Mouth Care System: LINK

  • David Lazarczyk says:

    I have same problem with closys coffee and water taste bad what is causing this

    • When water tastes bad, usually the person has an imbalance in their mouth bacteria. I do not recommend Closys used alone… I don’t know what else you are using. I’d suggest more xylitol will help balance your mouth health.

  • David Lazarczyk says:

    Coffee and water taste bad since using closys.what is causing this

    • Are you only using Closys? I suggest you use the entire sequence of rinses that comprise the complete mouth care system, along with xylitol.
      The only other suggestion is that you may now be more aware of the acidity in coffee and the water you are drinking….Try drinking some Evian or Fiji water – these are both alkaline: see if they taste bad or not.

  • Don Kay says:

    I too have this problem of taste bud alteration. The metallic taste to ALL water – even bottled like Fiji is enough to make me stop using the CloSys product. It’s a shame because it really protected against bad breath. They need to have a WARNING LABEL on this as a potential side effect.

    • Ensure you use Closys for and exact minute – not shorter or longer…and time for precision! You do not leave Closys in your mouth so it’s effects are limited. You progress to the next step of the system…but do ensure you have the correct toothpaste…the original Crest. Ensure it is not a newer version of Crest…which can be a taste problem for the mouth because newer Crest formulations use a stannous product that is metal-based.. and known to affect skin in various ways.

  • Chris says:

    I recently was advised by my dentist to rinse with CLoSys. I noticed a metallic taste immediately. I have changed nothing in my dental routine, only. added this product. As with others, everything has a metallic taste…even bottled water.

    • A metallic taste usually means you have a mouth that is “out” of healthy balance.
      Closys is a great mouth rinse – but I recommend it in conjunction with Zellie’s xylitol mints and gum, and used alongside some specific toothpaste and other mouth rinses. When you do this you will balance your mouth health in about 8-12 weeks.
      I warn people not to “mix and match” products from other recommendations, so decide whom you are going to trust. You could ask your dentist about this problem – but I suggest you try using the Closys for a minute (not longer or shorter) as the first rinse of my Complete Mouth Care System.
      If you want to read testimonials or learn more, you can go to my website

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