How often do you use the CWT system?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I eat and brush five times per day. I just started the Dr Ellie system. Should I still brush this often and use the rinses each time or just use rinses morning and before bed and brush and use xylitol in between? Is this too much brushing?


Dear KH,

I understand the great feeling of having clean teeth but I would not brush my teeth more than three times a day.

To avoid plaque I advise using the rinse system twice a day at least every twelve hours (plaque can start to regroup in 12 hours). If you like to use the system three times a day this frequency appears to work well with only positive benefits. I would not advise more than three times a day because there is no biological reason for brushing more often.

Use the cleansing and remineralizing action of xylitol after any meals and snacks will help your teeth when they need “refreshing”. Sometimes the breath mints will be good but you may enjoy the clean mouth feel from the mint gum.

Eventually after a few months on the system you will find that your teeth virtually ‘tell” you what they need. Most people on this system cannot forget to clean their teeth they actually need and look forward to it!

Your next visits to the dentist are going to give you true confidence in this regimen
Even if you have good oral health already most people find it will become even better.
I would expect you to see improvement in your oral health in six months and receive glowing accolades from your health professionals after one year.

Good luck and I hope this answers your question,

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  • Nancy says:

    Dear Dr. Ellie,
    I saw my dentist 3 months after I started using your system. He asked me why there was so much staining on my teeth. Was this actually a sign of my teeth improving or healing?

    • If your oral health has rapidly improved then the staining was probably dead plaque. Once this has been cleaned away then it should not return, and you should not have this problem again. There are other reasons for staining – but this is certainly the most likely. I’m surprised that they did not see an improvement in your gum health at the same time.
      One small point – ensure you are using Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste as part of the system. Never use the Crest Pro Health products – since they stain teeth for different reasons and are not recommended.

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