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Hello Ellie,

I found your website via yahoo ECC group. My now 20 month old has already about 6 fillings in his upper front teeth. I was able to find a dentist who did it in about 15 min., without anything, although it’s very painful to watch my little one screaming, I decided it’s better to fix then wait. I think partially (I hope partially) some 2 fillings fell out. He also has white circle and inside little hole, I’m not sure if it’s a cavity or..? He had it at our last visit to the dentist but the dentist didn’t seem to mind. This dentist is o.k., but doesn’t like spending time and explaining. In fact he said his suggestion stop nursing, especially night nursing. I can’t blame him for that since almost as I see 99.9% say and believe in it. At this point I would stop night nursing, but it’s very hard.

I’ve been using Spry Infant Gel to brush his teeth. Lately he’s just crying, turning every way, doesn’t want to brush at all whatever I tried. I do it anyhow, but it’s hard. I wipe his teeth after nursing to sleep when he’s asleep with Biotene mouthwash, and use MI Paste. Everything was suggested by my yahoo group.

Now he’s getting back teeth, and I so worry.. Will it ever end?

Thanks for your help,
M in MA

Dear M,

We can stop these horrible problems and help your child have healthy teeth for life.
I am sure I can help! It is never too late! Your child can have such nice teeth everyone will notice them and comment what a great smile he has!

I have a little booklet that will explain everything for you. Xylitol can help your child but you need to start soon. I can send you the booklet (send me your name and full address) or you can print it from this link: http://www.zellies.com/client_images/catalog19708/pages/files/XylitolForKidsBooklet.pdf

The suggestions include dissolving some granular xylitol in warm water (xylitol will dissolve better this way). Leave this solution (some call this Z water) in the refrigerator until you need it.

You can use this solution as a drink, to wipe your child’s teeth by using it on a soft cloth or brush.
Don’t insist on brushing just give your child a little of this Z water as a drink it will work just fine.

The solution of xylitol will help the plaque to fall off the child’s teeth when your baby is a little older you can start brushing again. When your child is old enough to chew and spit there are more things you can do. Zellies Kids gum is great for little ones. Here is a link to a video where young children are frequently given xylitol gum to chew:

The important thing is to change this pattern of decay to get rid of the infection in your child’s mouth before his molar teeth erupt fully. The grooves of molar teeth are like “fountains” of bacteria and it is important that we make these bacteria healthy ones that will protect your child’s teeth. The first bacteria that fill up these grooves can take over the mouth so we have to act fast!

Good luck and please let me know if you have more questions,

Ellie Phillips, DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester NY 14623

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