Tooth extraction with root canal

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I had a root canal done 2 years ago and my dentist said that it is a little infected and needed an extraction. He said it is up to me to have a regular extraction (awake during procedure) with a local anesthesia or to have me sedated (put to sleep) and when I wake up it will be all done, but it will cost me another $325 for it. My question is does it hurt more for a tooth that is being extracted with a root canal than a regular tooth that has no root canal? Will it be fine for me to have my tooth extracted with a root canal with a regular extraction?


Hi MM,

An extraction is an extraction with or without a root canal. I do not see a real reason to be sedated for a single tooth extraction based on what you have told me here. There are a couple of things that can make a tooth with a root canal a little more difficult to extract:

It may be more brittle or already be broken down which can make the procedure more challenging.
Providing your tooth is not too weak and brittle it should survive the extraction.

The tooth may be so infected that the infection will prevent anesthetic solution from working properly. People with abscessed teeth are often the ones most difficult to numb. Providing you do not have an abscess in full bloom this should not be a problem.

I would prefer you to start using my Complete Mouth Care System and eating xylitol.
This system will help to strengthen this tooth enamel, and most of all it will help to prevent similar problems with your other teeth. Just think with the $325 you could purchase enough products to last you a whole year on my system!

Good luck don’t worry too much better to make sure you are in general good health, have a clean mouth before the extraction (my complete mouth care system will do this if you start using it now) and take a few extra vitamins from now until the extraction.

FYI: In Switzerland we recommended eating fresh pineapple fruit a week before an extraction (to help stimulate healing) I guess pineapple contains vitamin K and E and some other things that help an extraction to heal more quickly.

I wish you the best and future improved dental health!
Ellie Phillips
Dental Health for Everyone!
26, Corporate Woods,
Rochester NY 14623

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