Oxyfresh & Toothbrush Sanitizing

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I am surprised and dismayed that more dentists don’t actively promote xylitol use.

My mother-in-law swears by Oxyfresh toothpaste, and buys it for all of us adults to use. It claims to be non-abrasive and made in the U.S., so seems like a good choice. But I guess your concern would be that you can’t know for sure without the old type of serious testing for consumer benefit?

Do you recommend sanitizing toothbrushes? I looked into this and found that it is not officially recommended, I don’t remember by who.

Also, tongue cleaning seems to be a good idea, I guess we should probably do it.

My concern about teeth is a result of having had many cavities myself, and my niece having had to have 4 front teeth pulled due to decay at age 3 (she was not put to bed with a bottle but did drink one before naps).

Dear SS:

You pose a number of good questions again!

I will not say negative things about good products but I do know people who swore by Oxyfresh UNTIL they tried my system! Oxyfresh is a similar to Closys but for some reason Closys has more healing properties for the people I know who have used it.
(Especially periodontal pocketing).

I do recommend sanitizing toothbrushes. I have a UV sanitizer which I use from time to time and I think that for travel they are useful. I also give these products to my College kids at least we have a chance of keeping their brushes clean with this. Generally, I use a little Listerine to clean my brush each day swish the toothbrush in it, rinse off and allow the brush to dry away from the toilet area of the bathroom.

I cannot get excited about tongue cleaning it is a bit like flossing. I think mechanical cleaning has a use but eliminating the harmful bacteria on the tongue is much more effective. Once again, my system will take care of eliminating harmful bacteria from the skin on the tongue as well as the teeth and gums.

Most people do not think of disease in the mouth as a bacterial infection. Dental disease is contagious and transmissible but it can be stopped if the harmful bacteria are eliminated.
Xylitol is anti-bacterial specific to these harmful bacteria allowing healthy mouth bacteria to take over and protect teeth.

I hope you will give the system a try only then will you know how it feels!
Good luck and I wish you the best possible dental health!

Please let me know if you have any more ideas or questions,

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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