Xylitol: How Much is Too Much?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I was wondering how many mints or gum do you chew after every meal. Does it hurt taking too much….

Hi R,

Any amount of xylitol eaten after meals will be useful. Even one mint will immediately take away mouth acidity and help to stimulate mineral rich saliva to strengthen your teeth. If you eat a total of 6.5 grams of xylitol regularly each day ( that would be about 13 Zellie mints each day) you will clean away of harmful plaque bacteria from your teeth.

I eat about five times a day and usually nibble a couple on my way home. If I take two after each meal that totals around 13 each day. More than this is not a problem but your dental benefits will “plateau” (not be more) even if you eat more 10 grams a day is the total amount for dental benefit.

More will not harm you there are even health spas where patients are given about 25 grams a day to “alkalize” their bodies and encourage the absorption of calcium into their system. If you were a diabetic I would suggest asking your physician first but for most people I would suggest 10- 20 per day.

I hope this answers your question,
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