Lots of Cavities!

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I came across your website while searching for cavities. I keep getting lot of cavities even though I don’t eat much sugar. What is the reason? I am the only one in my family to get the cavities? why is it so? Will xylitol be helpful for me? thanks

Dear SL,

The reason for cavities is mouth acidity this can be acidity from many sources: it can be soda drinks, juice drinks, lemons and lemonade many things.

It may also be if your saliva becomes acidic (stress) or if your mouth is dry (medications or allergies etc.)


Sugar can cause cavities since sugar feeds a particular kind of ACID producing mouth bacteria.
The problem is that even diet soda is just as acidic as regular soda and sugar free gums like Orbit contain sorbitol which can promote ACID reflux.

So sugar is not the main thing to worry about worry about acidity.

The easiest solution is to eat a little xylitol after every meal or drink. This way the xylitol will immediately help to get rid of the acidity and reverse damage.

You will love Zellies products and will quickly feel a difference.

If you want to repair some of those cavities check into my complete Mouth Care System http://www.zellies.com/store.asp?pid=14406&catid=19708
or at least get started rinsing with ACT twice or three times a day definitely last thing at night.
The ACT works with the xylitol in Zellies to help heal teeth read more on the website!

Good luck and remember it is never too late to start this program.
Please keep in touch and let me know if you have more questions.

Ellie Phillips
Dental Health for Everyone!

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Rochester NY 14623

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