Eating Disorder and Mouth Care System

Dear Dr. Ellie:

For a bulimia nervosa patient, how would the Complete Mouth care System work? Should after every episode of vomiting a mouth wash of fluoride would be advice? or rinsing with baking soda would be enough? And will the mouth care system help prevent dental damaging in bulimia nervosa patients?

Dear RA,

I would never recommend rinsing with baking soda. Many people who use baking soda have gum recession. I don’t know why it is almost like a sensitivity reaction and the gums just painlessly disappear. If you are looking for something easy alkaline and in your pantry make a solution of salt in water.

I would suggest either:
Chew some 100 percent xylitol chewing gum (Zellies mint or fruit gum check out the flavors) or have a Zellies breath mint (fruit or mint). Zellies gum and mints will immediately and safely alkalize your mouth, protect your teeth and help repair any damage from the acidity.

OR use the Complete Mouth Care System from start (Closys) to finish (ACT)

The rinsing routine should be used twice or three times a day: no more.
The best time to use the routine is before bed at night and when you have time to leave the ACT residue on your teeth for at least half an hour.

Good luck I think you will find Zellies mints and gum very useful and the Complete Mouth Care System used twice a day will help preserve the health of your teeth especially if they are stained or sensitive the system will help whiten them and make them less sensitive in about a week.

Take care,
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  • Tammy says:

    I just wanted to add that eating disorders WILL cause tooth damage, just as they cause damage to other parts of the body. Taking good care of ones teeth with Dr. Ellie’s system shouldn’t be a substitute for taking good care of our general health and well-being.Dr. Ellie, I’m sure you aren’t advocating an eating disorder. I just hope no one is under the misconception that your system will be enough to counteract the health effects of an eating disorder.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I agree with your comment and I would always advocate for total oral and total general health.I work a great deal today with people who cannot reach a dentist for many and varied reasons. My advice can help anyone improve – even transform their teeth – sometimes those who do not have access to dental care.Obviously if you already have broken and damaged teeth – only “so much” healing will occur – but my system works to generate natural healing.If my system is used year after year,eroded teeth can improve and caries will cease. As a geriatric dentist I treated many patients with damaged teeth – but with correct care they were able to stabilize their dental problems. I was the dentist for a number of patients who had been starved in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Yes, their teeth suffered, but we were able to restore much of their damage with the simple systems that I advocate. I agree with you that whole health is very important – and good nutrition is part of this.Thanks so much for your input.

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