Fluoride Varnishes

Hello Dr. Ellie, 

I have been on your complete system since the beginning of April 2008 and my teeth are in excellent shape! Thank you. My daughter is almost six. She has a pin-point area of dark staining in a deep pit in one of her deciduous mandibular second molars. On the other mandibular second molar, she has a small darkish shadow on the lingual aspect of the tooth. The shadow has been present since at least Jan 2008 and the dark area in the pit of the molar, I just noticed about a month ago (when we ran out of your gum and mints for a short time). Her teeth are very white and she has no plaque build-up at all. I March 2008, we stopped fluoride pills. We have been brushing twice daily with a xylitol paste and rinsing twice daily with ACT bubblegum (she is an excellent swisher without swallowing). We use zellies mints/gum religiously five times per day (expect for the one exception above). I would appreciate your advice about the use of fluoride varnishes. Also, is it safe to use the entire CWT on a 6 year old child?


Dear WW,

Nice to hear from you and I am happy that the system is working for you.

The CWT system was designed for adult teeth and I would wait until your daughter is a teen.
Most healthy young kids have alkaline saliva that protects their teeth. If your daughter need to have braces you may want to start a little earlier.

Imagine tooth care like skin care
Most children do not need moisturizer or lotion to have lovely skin their skin stays healthy without extra help. Once the hormones of teenage start they begin to need extra help.
There is often one problem after other infection and pimples followed by dry skin and wrinkles most of us need help for the rest of our lives!

Teeth follow a similar pattern!

For a six year old: focus on maturing or strengthening her new teeth (the six- year molars) as they erupt behind the line of baby teeth.
New teeth are like sponges very porous and very soft.

It normally takes these teeth a year to harden and become strong Zellies and ACT used together will speed up the maturing or strengthening process. This is how the fluoride and xylitol work to protect the new teeth of a six year old.

A fluoride varnish applied to the surface of these teeth will also help.
I do not feel the same about sealants ( be sure not to confuse the varnish with sealants).

Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions,

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