White spots on 2-year old’s teeth

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I called on Friday to inquire about whether there was a sample kit of all the flavors of Zellies mints and gum for my 2 year old. She has a couple of white spots on her teeth that her dentist is just watching at this point, along with every 3 month fluoride varnish. However, she HATES when I brush her teeth, so 2 x/day is about our limit. I would like to start using xylitol mints/gum in between meals. We have used some Spry gum, but I don’t like the fact that it contains glycerin, which may interfere with re-mineralization. She chews gum for about 5 minutes before spitting or swallowing it with no issues. She’s very picky about flavors, so I was hoping to get a few pieces of each type for testing before I order a 100 pack of anything. 🙂 If you do have a sample kit, I’d be happy to order one. I struggle with dental health as well, so I do anticipate ordering by the 100 pack so that she and I can both start on the xylitol…. cure the whole family together.

I’d be happy to provide a credit card number via a secure website or over the telephone, please let me know the charges.

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Dear EOB,

I am going to put a little sample pack together for you and there will be no charge.

I would, however, suggest limiting toothbrushing to morning and night more does not always help. Please make sure you are using a clean toothbrush each time bacteria grow on toothbrushes and transfer from one to another.

You are dealing with an infection imagine for a moment that you have an infected finger. Brushing may help, but repeated brushing will not heal the problems faster.

What you need is to dip the finger into a gentle anti-bacterial solution several times each day.
We are going to “dip” your daughter’s teeth into a solution of xylitol as she eats the gum or mints. You do not have to chew the gum for long only until the sweetness has gone.

If you use an infected tooth brush ( from the last time you brushed) you would re-plant germs back on your finger each time.Listerine in a little cup can be used to clean tooth brushes. Swish the tooth brush around in the Listerine and then rinse the brush out under running water.
Store your toothbrushes dry and away from any toilet plume from flushing. Some people find the kitchen is a safer place to keep toothbrushes.

I will send you mints and gum but you can try some granular xylitol also.
It does not matter how you eat it all you need is just a teaspoon a day divided up between about five small amounts, and it is best after meals and snacks.

You could find your daughter likes it from a spoon or some fruit dipped into some xylitol or you could mix it into water and serve as a little drink.

I wonder if you use toothpaste to brush your daughter’s teeth. Beware most kid’s toothpaste I would suggest a drop of ACT bubblegum rinse on the brush. I can send you a sample of this to try also.

Good luck and let me know when you have tried the products for a few weeks how you find everything.

Best Wishes,
Ellie Phillips DDS

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  • This is great thanks! i have white spots on my teeth and the doctor cannot see me until next month because he is on vacation. I will make sure to put my toothbrush in Listerine and clean it before each brushing. I will also buy xylitol gum and chew it between meals. Thank you so much!Becca

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