Rinsing – Complete Mouth Care System

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

I have started your system in hopes that it will help me. I just have one question though. Do I rinse each rinse out of my mouth after each step or just leave them in and go on to the next step? 

Thank You,

Dear C,

Go from one rinse to the next no water rinsing in between.
Start with the Closys you will find the brushing works very well following it.
Rinse the toothpaste off with Listerine and rinse the Listerine out with ACT.

That is a five second overview let me know if you need more help!
If it doesn’t feel great in a couple of days, we can talk again to make sure you have it right!

Good luck,
Ellie Phillips, DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
26, Corporate Woods,
Rochester NY 14623

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  • Hi Dr. Ellie. I could not find your email address to submit questions. I have a question about gum. I tried chewing gum with xylitol, hoping it would help me. I normally do not chew gum because as a child, I lost a filling when chewing gum. So I stuck the xylitol gum in my mouth and about 5 seconds later, one of my fillings was gone.So after this experience, I am VERY dubious of gum and definitely do not want to chew it again. What can you recommend that contains xylitol that will not have this danger of pulling out my fillings as the gum does? Currently all I can find is toothpaste and mouthwash. I am using both.Thanks! If you would like to email me you may do so at wordworkshop at gmail.com.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    The answer to this one is simple and delicious!Zellies mints are a fast dissolving and delicious little "mints".Zellies mints are available in either a fruit flavor (a refreshing fruit with a citrus overtone) or a minty mint (a wonderful breath mint). Personally I eat most of my xylitol each day as a mint.If I want to chew gum, Zellies gum is very "tooth cleaning" and breath freshening. Zellies gum is soft and not at all sticky.There is no need to chew for long – just until the flavor is gone.You may want to try the grapefruit-vanilla or chocolate-mint or just the regular mint is very popular. If you want to really strengthen up your teeth – fillings or no fillings- I would recommend my Complete Mouth Care System.http://www.zellies.com/store.asp?pid=14406&catid=19708 If you strengthen the enamel around fillings – they stay put for longer.If you keep the enamel really strong and clean you can keep fillings for many years. ( My fillings have lasted just fine for over 35 years. I have white ones that were put in my mouth at dental school and silver ones that were placed when I was a child ) The rinse system is easy – used twice a day you will build strength into your teeth – no matter how they are now.As teeth strengthen they will appear brighter and look whiter and will feel smoother.If you are eating xylitol regularly you will stop forming plaque and enjoy great oral health. Ellie Phillips, DDS

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