Crest Mouthwash

Dear Dr. Ellie:

What do you think about the Crest Total Care Mouthwash? Is this something that can be used in place of one or both of the mouthwashes? 

Thanks. CS

Hi CS,

I developed my mouth rinse “routine” for patients during 35 years as a clinical dentist.

I look at patients with good teeth and also bad teeth and question every one about the products they use. I have no financial interest in suggesting the rinses I recommend.

I recommend the products in my complete mouth care system because they work when used as described. I have noticed that everyone who uses the system correctly has improved oral health usually quite rapidly.

Once experienced, only a few people opt out of using the system Those who stop, usually tell me they refuse to use fluoride or will not use a rinse that contains color dye. I respect their concerns about these additives, but since we cannot perfect the products they are what they are: they have all been used for years and found to be safe most of all they work. I believe that having healthy teeth outweighs any worry about a little color swishing around in your mouth for a few minutes.

There are a few products I do not recommend. Many dentists do not share my concerns many even hand out these items to their patients. I only recommend products that I use myself.

I hope this helps.
Why not do a comparison? Perhaps you could use my system for a month and then try the Pro Health if you feel strongly that you want to.

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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