Healing a Cavity, and My Whiter Teeth…

Hi Dr. Ellie,

Just wanted to say again how MUCH I enjoy your Q & A blog!!! I think I have read all of the archives and enjoy each new post you put up. 🙂

I am still using your system to clean my teeth, and I do think my teeth are becoming whiter and I can also tell that the one deep cavity I have is starting to get better (it is not as sensitive when I use the waterpik on it).

I think for the one really bad cavity I have, the waterpik is essential it cleans out food that I could not remove through flossing, brushing, or rinsing (I’ve tried doing those things and then
using the waterpik there was still food there!).

I read that cavities enlarge quickly after reaching the dentin through the enamel so perhaps that is why there seems to be a pocket in there for food to remain and the food that got stuck in there only made things worse!! Well, no more I am REALLY cleaning my teeth
now, thanks to you. 🙂

We’re also being diligent about using xylitol usually in the form of granular xylitol from our local health food store.

My last dental cleaning was in April (which is what started me on the quest to learn more about my teeth!!) and I’m planning to wait until early next year to go back, which would give me a full 6 months on your system. I can’t wait to find out the results… and hopefully things will have improved and I won’t need the fillings or possible root canal recommended.

By the way, I did talk to my dentist on the phone, and he confirmed that I do not have any infection in my mouth, and also indicated that I might not really need a root canal… of course they would like to go ahead and “fix” the tooth to stop it from getting worse (which I
imagine is usually the case) but I am hopeful that it will not be worse and actually be BETTER by the time I go back. 🙂 I’ll definitely keep you posted when the time comes.

Have a great week!


Dear T,

This is great news.

Think of the “repair” of your teeth as you would think of a repair of a skin wound.
First it is necessary for the underneath part to be clean and then it will start to heal itself, meshing over. This may take time and you may not see much at first. Finally the top skin grows over a wound and closes the “gap”. This can happen in a similar way with teeth when you use xylitol and a dilute fluoride rinse in harmony together. The xylitol works to clean and heal the deeper layers and the fluoride works to help recrystalize and heal the surface layers.

Together xylitol and fluoride can speed and help the healing process more than either one alone.
Please keep me informed how your teeth feel. Are you able to find all the “ingredients” for the system in local stores?

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Good luck,

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