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Dear Dr. Ellie Phillps,

I want to thank you, I came across one of your blogs when searching out about having a root canal done. I realize know that much of my dental problems have to do with my Acid Reflux problem. I am going to make your teeth cleaning routine, my daily routine and am ordering some products from I wish there was a way I could eliminate my acid reflux to further help. Any suggestions? Thank you again.


Dear CM,

I have found that people who eat or drink foods or beverages that contain sorbitol (the normal ingredient in cheap sugar-free products) often suffer symptoms of acid reflux. I would try to stop eating sugarless products that contain sorbitol and stop any diet drinks.
If you chew gum check the ingredients.

There is research to show that sorbitol can grow the harmful mouth bacteria and thicken plaque on teeth. It seems possible that sorbitol could do the same to bacteria that may be involved in acid reflux symptoms.

I have friends who have replaced sorbitol with 100 percent xylitol products and seen great improvements. They have found that as their teeth begin to heal and feel better, so also do their symptoms of acid reflux.

Obviously there are many reasons for acid reflux and some are serious and require surgical intervention. On the other hand, I believe that milder symptoms may be more associated with acid-producing bacteria in this case xylitol may be helpful.

If you find relief as you eat xylitol I would be interested to know. Remember, this change may take time I would expect at least two to three months for substantial improvements.

Good luck and I hope to hear more from you in a little while,

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