Gum Problems – What Should I Do?

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I have had what it almost like an infected or sore gum in one area for the last few months. It seems like now it is spreading to the other side. Will this system help to clear that up?

Dear G,

Disclaimer in this situation:
I usually am asked questions like this because someone is afraid, cannot afford to go or does not have a dentist. I will assume this is you. I need to tell you that you should really have this checked by a dentist there could be serious reasons for your problems.
Assuming that you are on your own:-

My suggestions
I would start by purchasing some Closys from Walgreens or at and use this rinse twice or three times a day before brushing your teeth.

CLEAN your toothbrush better yet, start with a new one and then clean your brush every day in some Listerine. Whatever is infecting one side of your mouth will infect your toothbrush and in this way travel to other places. Harmful mouth bacteria grow on brushes.

Clean it by swishing the brush in a little Listerine, rinse off under running water and store dry AWAY FROM THE TOILET. I would only suggest you use regular Crest toothpaste with NO ADDED WHITENING OR OTHER INGREDIENTS

Eat Zellies after everything you eat or drink all day and also during the day if you have a dry mouth.

You should aim to eat at least 10-15 little Zellies mints ( mint or fruit flavor) every day for several months.

This is the best way to begin for gum problems.
You should see improvements quickly and definitely in 4-6 weeks.

If things are not getting better I would urge you to get professional help something more may be going on. If you see improvement after a month I would suggest you complete your routine and get the other products I recommend. You should continue using the Complete Mouth Care System  all of it for a year : Listerine and ACT in the EXACT method I suggest.

I think you and your dentist will be amazed how things heal up and how your oral health starts to improve.

Good luck and keep me posted with your progress.

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