Zellies & Mouth Care Travel Kit, Traveling with CWT

Dr. Ellie Phillips,

The Zellies mints, gum, mint box, and mouth care travel kit all arrived today. My husband and I had mints followed by gum after lunch and after supper. We like them both, and I expect they will be our “dessert” after every meal.

Thank you so much for the mouth care travel kit. I’m going to save the small containers of Crest, ACT, and Listerine to take in my carry-on when my husband and I go on vacation in Europe. We already have those items in large sizes.

I used the Closys tonight, and like it very much. I had never even heard of Closys until I read about it on your web site. I am delighted that Closys has almost no flavor, and is not astringent.

Thank you for our phone conversation last week, which answered all my questions. Now I have two more:

How essential is rinsing the mouth with Listerine in your Complete Mouth Care System? I find that I do not like Listerine at all, and would prefer to use it only to sterilize my tooth brush and tooth guard.

Are probiotics helpful for mouth and tooth health? A few months ago my husband and I started taking a Culturelle capsule every morning.

Best Regards,


Hi JQ,

I am glad that everything arrived and that you enjoy the system. Your question about the probiotics is difficult for me to answer because I have no way to tell without clinical trials. I would expect them to be useful I believe that body health, intestinal health, oro-pharyngeal and mouth health are totally related as one would expect.

On the Listerine question- Listerine does have good benefits and acidifies the mouth to prepare it for the ACT which actually works best in an acidic environment. Perhaps you could try diluting it 50-50 with warm water it would still be acidic but less astringent. The other alternative is to try out the alternative flavors there is a vanilla and also a citrus which works just as well and tastes a bit better! Just make sure to only use Listerine that has an ADA seal of approval on the label.

I find that there are some days when Listerine seems easier for me to use than others some days I am quicker with my rinsing almost an in and out. Other times the listerine does not bother me at all and I go for a longer rinse.

Listerine may not be essential but the fabulous clean feel you get from the entire system makes the sting worth a little work. I gave up Listerine for a weekend and definitely noticed the difference with my teeth I could not wait to return to the entire system.

It is your call but I would advise you to keep trying!

Take care and please keep in touch,
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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