Staining on the Teeth? – Continue The System and Xylitol

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I started using your system in Feb and started noticing a lot of stain on my teeth about a month ago. I stopped using the mouthwashes and moved my cleaning apt up to yesterday. My dentist thought the stain could be dead bacteria. How can I continue the program and keep the stain from forming on my teeth? 


Dear NZ,

I believe that your dentist was absolutely correct.

Plaque is layers of infected bacteria interwoven with fibers that stick to teeth. Eating xylitol regularly changes the bacteria in your mouth and removes all the infective, sticky ones but this process takes most people about six months.

Until you reach this stage, the dead sticky plaque has to go somewhere and it appears to shrink down into a band of staining that may end up around the gum margin of your teeth. This is nothing to be afraid of it is a good sign that your mouth is becoming cleaner and healthier. You should celebrate the fact that all the bad stuff has shriveled up and gone from your teeth!

If you continue eating sufficient xylitol you will probably find that you do not have any of this staining at all. If you slack off and let plaque build up again the band of staining may reoccur (but a simple and quick cleaning at the dentist will put you back to white and shiny).
I would imagine that despite this surface “staining” your dentist was pleased with the condition of your teeth and gums?

People who normally worry about stained teeth are looking at a different problem. Most teeth stain because they are soft and porous. Everyone should be concerned about the yellow staining of soft and porous teeth. This mouth rinse system toughens teeth up to prevent this kind of staining – it makes teeth whiter, stronger and shinier.

Personally I would not stop anything unless you believe your teeth were better before you started the system. If this is the case, I would like to make sure that you have the process correct and are not using other toothpastes like Sensodyne or Crest Pro Health by mistake.
Crest Pro Health contains stannous fluoride which does stain teeth this is a paste I would not recommend.

I only recommend the basic Regular Crest paste.

This staining should not keep happening if you make sure you enjoy adequate amounts of xylitol and use the rinses twice a day (always before bed at night). Our battle against mouth bacteria is constant which is why almost all adults are eventually overwhelmed and have gum disease and dental problems.

Mouth bacteria are always growing and attacking they double in numbers ever ten minutes.The Complete Mouth Care System is amazing in the way it controls such a huge problem.

If you continue with the program you should see very different results as time goes on with your teeth feeling cleaner , more comfortable and shinier. Good luck and thanks for the update!

Ellie Phillips, DDS

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I love it when a plan comes together! You are right that my dentist and hygienist both thought my teeth and gums were healthier! I used to have heavy bleeding during a cleaning, and that had all but disappeared. I am officially back on the program and will not interrupt it again.

Thanks, NZ

Dear NZ

I am sure others who have improved their oral health quickly will have experienced similar staining. I would like to post your message on my blog if I may and also refer (anonymously) to your story with my next Email newsletter. I want to avoid people being concerned, like you were, that things are not going well especially when the staining is really good news!

Please keep in touch and I will be interested to hear what the next six months brings for your teeth! Thanks again for contacting me and take care,


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