Is it safe?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I am concerned with the safety of this product. I am a 15 year old boy who has never had a cavity, and I intend to keep it that way. I also want clean, healthy, strong, and most importantly, white teeth. I have a Sonicare toothbrush, and hope that that will help to remove stains and make my teeth whiter. Will it? I have also bought Listerine and Act to try out your system, and use Pronamel with a Sonicare. How safe is it?

How safe is your system?

I am really worried that I will do something to my teeth that will later prove to be harmful. Will this system make my teeth whiter,and after how long? I am also hesitant about the CLOSYS. I have never heard of it, and am worried about unregulated products. It is also WAYYY too expensive for me, so I am wondering if it is worth the expense. And could you explain where you got the information that white teeth is just reflected light, I have never heard of that. I look forward to hearing from you. I admire you and appreciate the website. You rock!!

Hi SK,

The best response to your question is “There are no Guarantees.”

I use this system. My children, family and friends use this system and have done so for many years.

I would suggest that you since you have good teeth ask your dentist and follow their advice.
I wonder what products you trust now.

My website was designed to help those without any other dental resources, those with ongoing dental problems or those who cannot afford to correct them. The products are over the counter and well respected for years. For example, I cannot even tell you about a Sonicare toothbrush I think for many things there cannot be real guarantees For example, do multi-vitamins work? I take them. I believe they are worth taking but do we know for sure?

If you are trying to take truth out of “research”, the best research to consider is Evidence Based Research.

Xylitol has been studied in this way and found to reduce the population of bacteria that cause mouth acidity, and mouth acidity can lead to cavities, staining and broken teeth. A litmus test can show anyone that xylitol will remove harmful acidity from the mouth.

Xylitol has been used in other countries for many years.
Check out these advertisements on the Links page of my site: they are from other countries:

Your questions are good ones but no one can truthfully give you guarantees.
Remember, the worst things for your teeth are sorbitol, juice, soda and sports drinks.

Good luck and thanks for your question,
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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