Xylitol Gum Dosage Information

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I see you recommend a number of mints per day, but I can’t find a recommendation on how often I should chew the gum and how many pieces…can you help. 

Thanks, SC

Dear SC,

You are correct I just looked at the site and I agree you cannot find out easily how much gum makes the daily “dose”.

What you are looking for is between 6.5 and 10 grams a day more will not help your teeth less may not work. Each mint is 0.5 grams and each piece of gum is 0.7 grams.

I usually tell people to try and eat one or two mints or a piece of gum after every meal and snack. Most of us eat four or five times a day and snack (or have a drink) a couple of other times.

Eight to ten pieces of gum or a mix and match of mints and gum (or two pieces of gum three or four times a day) will work well.

This will have a positive effect by reduction in mouth bacteria which can usually be achieved in six months to one year. Following this you can use the xylitol as a protective measure just eating some after every meal or snack as a tooth-protective food.

Hope this helps,
Ellie Phillips
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