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Hello Dr. Ellie,

My teeth are eroding at the speed of light and no one seems to be able to identify why. I have been asked every question in the book (eating disorder, soft drinks, PH of saliva, etc.) I have done test after test and no results. Everything is normal. Yet, my teeth are really bad and sensitive and getting worst quickly. Any ideas?

Thanks for your time. C

Dear C,
I think you may like to read this Email from one of my patients:
It may give you some confidence in this system:

From Sally Dixon,
I am more than happy to share my experience with The
Zellies Complete Mouthcare System with any of your patients…so please feel free to share this with the patient you mentioned, and anyone else who complains of sensitivity, and use my testimonial on the Web site.

I’ve suffered with sensitive teeth for many years, which has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I couldn’t even chew juicy foods, such as fruit, without zings of real pain. I’ve tried all kinds of toothpastes for sensitive teeth, including Sensodyne, none of which really helped at all. Nor did the prescription fluoride toothpaste or fluoride treatments my dentist recommended
for me. He explained that women are more prone to gum recession as they get older, while men are more likely to wear down their teeth. Dr. Ellie told me the same things, as well as why the special toothpastes don’t work for the long-term all they do is temporarily “plug” the tiny channels that lead to the nerves of the teeth, without naturally strengthening and protecting the teeth over time.

After learning so much from Dr. Ellie, I went on the Zellies Total Mouthcare System in October of 2007. In less than two weeks, my teeth felt less sensitive. I’ve been using the system just about every day, especially at night before bed, and six months later, my teeth are much less sensitive. Not only that, they look much better! Before the Zellies system, I noticed a lot of yellowing/darkening at the gum level of my teeth, and they were looking darker and duller overall. Now they’re whiter, stronger-looking and shinier so much so, that before too long, I will need to replace a crown in the front of my mouth that is distinctly darker than the rest of my new and improved smile!

I can’t say enough good things about the Zellies Total Mouthcare System. I eat 12-15 Zellies mints a day, after meals and snacks, and use the system morning and night. It takes only a few minutes and I’m convinced it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my teeth. Still doubtful? Just try it for six months. You’ll be amazed at the differences in how your teeth feel and look. This really works!

Sally Dixon, another loyal Zellies user

So…I will just shoot off a list of questions for you to think about then some suggestions.Please send me a reply if I can help more I would be happy to help you stop this problem:

You may want to look at this blog posting:

We are searching for hidden acidity and/or chlorine:
Sports drinks
Sucking lemons, grapefruits lemonade etc
Whitening products
Red bull diet drinks
Acid reflux
Do you use Listerine?
Vitamin C tablets, vitamin water
Using chlorine in some way pool swimmer?
Wine or beer before bed?
Do you work in a battery factory?( had to ask!)

Suggestions: To strengthen teeth
Start immediately with ACT mouth rinse.
Use at least three times a day definitely last thing at night
Let the liquid swish around your teeth for as long as possible and then spit out.
Try not to eat or drink for at least half an hour after using.

I would like to know what you use for toothpaste mouth rinse?
Check out my website details:
This system really works you can get everything you need ( except Zellies) in Walgreens I beg you to start with the ACT and xylitol IMMEDIATELY.
The xylitol ( Zellies or any other brand that is 100 percent xylitol) will heal deeper layers and then the surface layer will heal with the ACT.
Imagine a cut knee the skin heals over again so can your teeth. It is called remineralization.

Good luck please keep in touch I would be happy to help (no charge)
Ellie Phillips
Dental Health for Everyone!
26 Corporate Woods,
Rochester NY 14623

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  • ruth says:

    Can I ask you a question?I have braces, and my sensitive teeth are absolutely killing me.If I use a remineralization program, or start eating zellies mints, will the process leave spots where my brackets are cemented to my teeth and no remineralization would occur?Also, have you ever hear of Dr. Collins Remineralizing toothpaste or Biotene rinse? And, if so, what do you think about these products?If you can answer me, I would be incredibly appreciative. YOu can email me at r c a r p @ s o n n e t s o f t w a r e . c o m Thank you!

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Dear Ruth,I am sorry to hear how sensitive your teeth are. I would suggest you start by thinking if anything you are eating or drinking is taking minerals out of your teeth.If you were in my dental chair,I would be asking you “what do you drink? Lemonade, juice, diet soda etc.?”All these drinks are acidic and will pull minerals out of your teeth and make them sensitive.If you drink such drinks you MUST eat some xylitol after every time you drink them. Braces often open up people’s mouths and make it difficult to close your lips tightly. The air entering and leaving your mouth will dry saliva and dry your mouth and your teeth. It only takes allergies or a blocked nose to make this condition even worse. No saliva – no help for your teeth; especially when it comes to diluting the acidity of citrus drinks, juices and soda. Here is my suggestion: eat some xylitol mints (like Zellies made with 100 percent xylitol) after everything you eat or drink and also when you feel your mouth is dry.In the morning and evening I would suggest (at the very least) using Crest toothpaste and following this with a rinse of ACT fluoride mouth rinse.ACT is a wonderful rinse for people in braces since it flows evenly all over your teeth and between the brackets and other parts of your braces.Any white spots may repair themselves slowly over time with this system – and the complete mouth care system gives you the best shot at this.If you don’t start repairing your teeth they will be scarred worse than ever. This system will only help – it will not make the scarring worse. If you are interested , I would suggest the complete mouth care system – but at least start today with Crest and ACT.I would be interested to know what you have been using for toothpaste and a rinse. As for biotene – it contains some xylitol. People use it, but I do not see them getting the same results as with the program I recommend. I love ACT – but it will not work properly if you are usinga toothpaste like Sensodyne with it.Sensodyne works by “blocking”up the holes in your teeth (like spackle) – not really healing them. Hope this helps,Ellie Phillips,www.Zellies.comwww.CleanWhiteteeth.comDental Health for Everyone!26, Corporate Woods,Rochester NY 146231-877-DR-ELLIE585-272-1270

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