Thank You! And Some Questions

Dear Dr Ellie, 

Thank you so much for the whole box of wonderful Zellies mints and gums. We actually love everything, though surprisingly, the kids prefer the mints over the gum.

We are getting ready to place an order in the near future as supply is running low. I have no worry it will arrive promoptly, as I was so pleasantly surprised that the generous samples arrived so soon. We are following the brushing system we talked about over the phone. I am really hoping it works out. Just a few follow up questions can we use the granulated xylitol with any juice? I was intending to mix it with our apple cider vinegar water but in the blog I read not with anything acidic? is that right? Also, can the kids use listerine? I was thinking I could just use it to brush the teeth with instead of our plain dry brushing/tooth soap method.

Thank you,

Hi G,

Thanks for the message.

I will answer your questions in the text below.
Hope you understand my answers.Thanks again for your note please keep in touch,

Can we use the granulated xylitol with any juice?
Yes you can use xylitol anywhere you use sugar.
The recommended safe amount is large but xylitol is fiber and should be introduced slowly if you are going to use large amounts in place of sugar.

For dental health you only need 1-2 teaspoons a day. To sweeten drinks some people add tablespoons of sugar I would not do this with xylitol at least not straight away! Your body has to become used to large quantities.

The body makes 15 grams naturally I think this is the “natural” amount.
I will continue to recommend 1-2 teaspoons a day since I believe in moderation!

I was intending to mix it with our apple cider vinegar water but in the blog I read not with anything acidic?
The best way to eat xylitol is to protect teeth from acidic drinks (like cider vinegar or lemon juice/lemonade etc). The best way to do this is not put it into a drink but eat a little xylitol (on a spoon, as a mint, gum or dissolved in a little water whichever you prefer) AFTER the cider-vinegar/ lemonade etc. drink.)

If you tested the pH of your mouth with litmus paper you would see xylitol raises the pH to safety immediately after the drink and in this way stops any tooth damage.

Can the kids use Listerine?
I would never recommend using Listerine without ACT.
Kids can start using ACT when they are able to rinse and spit (around 6 years old).

Any child with front adult teeth ( 8-9years) are fine to start using the system. They may like to dilute the Listerine or use one of the “ADA approved” flavor Listerine kinds. Kids of this age will like the fact that their new front teeth (that often look yellowish) will start to become whiter and whiter looking.

This is because the enamel is getting harder and harder and hard enamel makes light bounce off the teeth and makes them naturally appear shiny and white. This is the way nature intended it to be (we just speed up the process with Listerine and ACT )!

– Ellie Phillips DDS

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