Are Zellies Gluten Free?

Dear Dr Ellie:

Hello! I have been recently diagnosed with celiac disease-no wheat or gluten (in addition to barley, rye, oats). Are zellies gluten free? I have to be careful-gluten hides in many things!

Thank You so much.


Dear CC,

There is no gluten in Zellies In fact you may find them very helpful. Eat a few mints or a piece of 100 percent xylitiol gum after every meal, snack and drink. Aim for a total intake of around 6-7 grams xylitol each day not more not less!

Make a real effort to avoid all products containing SORBITOL (diet products have lots of hidden sorbitol). Give your system six months to recover (usually about six months) and see the difference!

You may want to look at the Zellies Complete Mouth care System for oral health

There is a big connection between oral health and body health. Good luck and give us some feedback please!

Ellie Phillips
Dental Health for Everyone!
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  • Dear Dr. Ellie,I apologize if I am not using the correct method to ask a question. I have a 7 year old who has 5 cavities and one tooth was so bad, it had to be pulled. We eat an extremely healthy diet and brush and floss regularly, so this was quite a shock. We have never ingested fluoride in our water or used it orally. We only use natural products, but obviously, this has not worked for us. I have been researching oral health for several weeks and came across your site. I like what I see and it goes along with much of what I have already learned. I would like to try your recommendations with my children, and was wondering if you have any more specific ideas for keeping toothbrushes clean. We have 5 people in our family and all share one bathroom. I am trying to come up with a way to keep our toothbrushes separated and away from bacteria. I see that you recommend Listerine to clean the brushes. Can you explain exactly how to do this and do you have any ideas for storing multiple toothbrushes. Thank you!Leah

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Dear Leah, Zellies are gluten free and also safe for diabetics to eat.I would recommend you and your family try to eat a teaspoon ( 6-10 grams) of xylitol each day.It is best to eat xylitol at the end of every meal, snack, or drink. You need at least 6.5 grams a day to eradicate the harmful bacteria from your mouth.If you eat xylitol after meals and drinks – it will protect teeth from acidity – citrus juices and vinegar can be a source of acidity ( healthy for you – but dangerous for teeth). I do not like the idea of ingesting fluoride but I have not yet found a “natural” toothpaste that offers enough protection for teeth.I would advise you to use Crest toothpaste and consider the entire Mouth Rinse System for teens and adults in your family.For younger children start with Zellies and Crest – children over six with cavities should start immediately rinsing with ACT ( The old fashioned regular one)I advise everyone to spit out well after using rinses – but use ACT last thing at night – so a residue stays on the teeth for a while after the rinse. You should see dramatic improvements in your oral health quite quickly if you do this.Toothbrushes are cleaned by swishing around in a little cup of Listerine and then rinsing out under the tap.Allow to dry before using again. Do not cover the head of your toothbrush with a bag or put in a drawer.Store brushes in another room( bedroom or kitchen ) if you have an open toilet near the bathroom sink. Please let me know if you have any more questions.I am so glad that you have found this information now – dental disease is a progressive and destructive disease. Good luck and please keep in touch,You may want to sign up for the newsletter on our website,Thanks again,Ellie http://www.Zellies.comwww.CleanWhiteteeth.comDental Health for Everyone!26 Corporate Woods,Rochester NY 146231-877-DR-ELLIE585-272-1270

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