Tooth Grinding Problems

Dear Dr. Ellie, 

While I sleep how can I prevent from grinding my teeth ? Is there something can I can put in my mouth that would prevent it.


Dear TR:

Are you worried about grinding your teeth because of the noise, jaw ache or dental problems?
If it is because of the noise or jaw ache you may want to see about getting a dentist to make you a bite-guard.

If it is because your teeth are wearing down or your fillings are loosening up I would suggest finishing each night with ACT mouth rinse. You can build strength into your teeth and stop them from wearing down.

ACT is a “moisturizing” rinse for teeth that helps teeth become more supple and stronger.
You can buy it in most grocery and drug stores.

If you are currently using Listerine I would suggest using ACT rinse after the Listerine.
If you are looking for a toothpaste suggestion I would suggest regular Crest paste it is less abrasive for teeth and has good ingredients.

Hope this helps,
Ellie Phillips
Dental Health for Everyone!
26, Corporate Woods,
Rochester NY 14623

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