New to Zellies Xylitol Mints

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I just started on Zellies Xylitol Mints and love them! Just a few questions on the other products you recommend. Can I use Act Restoring or just regular Act? Also can I use Listerine Vanilla Mint? 

– New to Zellies.

Dear “New”

Glad to hear you like the Zellies!

I recommend regular ACT.
There is no reason for the extra ingredients in Restore. The minerals you need for remineralizing teeth are present in saliva naturally. No need to purchase them! Restore also contains alcohol which does not seem to serve any good purpose. Last reason of all ACT is less expensive!

The Listerine products that concern me are products that do not carry an ADA seal of acceptance.

Some of these rinses have ingredients that are called “co-carcinogens”. This means that when you use them if you are prone to cancer they will help “push you over the edge”! Not good.
I asked the ADA why Listerine Whitening was on the shelves of grocery stores. They told me that they had not given it a seal of acceptance. Use this as a gauge and only buy flavors and bottles that carry this seal. Some do and some don’t.

Thanks for the question,
Ellie Phillips, DDS

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