How long should I use my mouthwashes?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I can’t remember if you told me this (or I just made it up!), but I try to be sure that the amount of ACT I use is as much as, or more than the listerine I use to make sure there’s no alcohol on my teeth.
Thank you,


Hi L,

Actual amount of the liquids is not so important. The length of time that you use the rinses is important. Swish the Listerine in and out vigorously through your teeth like liquid floss.
When you have finished bathe your teeth with the ACT like moisturizer for your teet the longer the better.

You just don’t want to do the Listerine too long (obviously you don’t want to soak your teeth too long in acid) On the other hand the longer you do the ACT the better for your teeth. Just like soaking your skin in a nourishing cream to hydrate it.

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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