Is Xylitol Gluten Free?

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Can you tell me if your xylitol products are gluten free, because I have Celiacs* disease, and have horrable mouth ulcers and saw this and wanted to see if you thought it would be of help to me? I hope to hear from you and any suggestions you may have. 


Hi DW,

Zellies xylitol products are all gluten free. I would encourage you to use Zellies products but I would also encourage you to take three other important steps.

1. Remove sorbitol from your diet
Make sure that you never use any products containing sorbitol. Sorbitol is a cheap artificial sweetener in many sugarless products. Sorbitol appears to cause all kinds of nasty mouth and throat problems.

2. Eat at least 6.5 grams of xylitol each day.
On the other hand try to keep below 10 grams a day for a little while to get your body used to it and oral health has no added benefit from more than this. The best time to eat Zellies products are after meals and snacks to clean your teeth after eating and drinking.

3. Consider using the products I recommend in the Complete Mouth Care Program.
Make sure you do not use Colgate Total toothpaste. Colgate Total contains triclosan which reacts with chlorine in tap water to form chloroform often responsible for mouth ulcerations.
toothpaste for sensitive teeth such as ProHealth and Sensodyne can also be a problem for sensitive mouths. Many toothpastes are harmful and can make people’s mouths sensitive and ulcerated.

I only recommend Crest regular paste (NOT Crest Pro health) the Original Crest is the only paste recommended *****) Make sure you only use a clean toothbrush and store it clean and dry. See website for more details about this system!

I hope this helps you please let me know how things go xylitol is very healing. Xylitol is anti-bacterial and also anti-fungal. If you have read these suggestions and implement them, I would expect healing within 4 weeks.

Thanks for your question,
Ellie Ohillips, DDS

*Editor’s Note:
Coeliac disease (pronounced /ˈsiːliːˌæk/), also spelled celiac disease, is an autoimmune disorder of the small bowel. Symptoms include chronic diarrhoea, and fatigue, but those with Coeliac disease also can be asymptomatic.

Coeliac disease is caused by a reaction to gliadin, a gluten protein found in wheat, barley and rye. The only effective treatment is a lifelong gluten-free diet.

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  • CASnyder says:

    Dr.Ellie's program so far is not an unmitigated success, for my husband Chris has been experiencing some irritation of the tissues in his mouth (gums & tongue), which has been getting to the point of rawness, despite his current efforts to eliminate the most likely causes of the sources. We've both been following her program straight out of her book for about a month now, but while I've had less bad mouth taste and less tooth and gum sensitivity, he has chiefly experienced his gum sensitivity increasing to a rawness, including his tongue. This has nothing to do with Celiac's disease, for Chris has been tested for that & doesn't have it.Chris has already stopped using the listerine rinse (alcohol-based, nasty!) substituting another Closys rinse instead (my idea, not Dr. Ellie's – since it is tasteless & not drying but still antiseptic), but has yet to get any relief of the rawness. He has also been using the Cinnamon xylitol gum daily, whereas I have not, since I'm working from home and can use the cheaper xylitol crystals instead, and he thinks the cinnamon may be a possible irritant. He also theorizes that perhaps the Closys is killing both good and bad bacteria, removing the bacteria that serve a protective purpose, which the xylitol is supposed to help cultivate. I'll let you know what else he discovers, but he's considering stopping Ellie's program entirely.About the same time we started the Ellie program and his gum sensitivity started becoming rawness, his dentist proscribed Denta 5000 Plus (1.1% sodium fluoride plus "mild cleaning system") by Rising Pharmaceuticals, and also Colgate Periogard Rinse (Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12%). I think he is trying to do both the prescriptions and Dr Ellie's protocol, and I'm wondering if there could be any adverse chemical interactions between all these products that could be causing his symptoms. Should he consider stopping all the rinses and just brush & floss and use xylitol until his mouth heals back up? Any help you can give on this matter Ellie would be appreciated,Christina

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Thanks for your message.Please don't blame MY system – you are using some mix of products – many that I do not recommend.I have no idea what you are using – and, as I tell everyone – DON'T MIX AND MATCH.You will have to decide what you are going to use: your dentist suggestions – or use this system that I recommend.I would even suggest that you listen to your dentist first – but then I don't want to answer the questions – why what he recommends doesn't work!Using a little of this with a little of that – WILL NOT WORK!!!A recipe:My system is like a cake recipe – there are specific ingredients – and a specific method.When you try to experiment – you will get a different result – and it sounds like you have a terrible one!I assume that your husbands problems are sensitivity – and i suspect that the main problem may be using the wrong toothpaste.My products, when used alone and used accurately in the sequence that I recommend, would never cause these problems.If you start becoming your own chemist – please don't even think you are using "my program" .It is not my program that is not successful – you created your own program!If you want to use my system – you have to use the exact things that I recommend in the exact order.Important things to be aware of:Only use Crest regular Original paste – ( absolutely do not use the Crest PRO-HEALTH, or any paste with "tartar control" additives, whitening or baking soda).Do not use Colgate Total or any of the Sensodyne products – the chemistry with these often causes sensitivity.If you are going to use my system this is the way to use it:(Closys will not cause you any problems) I suggest you use Closys rinse before you brush.Then use a tiny amount ( rice-grain size) of the correct Crest paste on a clean toothbrush. Redness may be a yeast infection of some kind – (ensure your brushes are clean, and that they dry out completely before use each time).If Listerine is too strong – dilute it with water – so that it is very dilute- but don't try adding another rinse.The Listerine is important – it is three essential oils and can work – to soothe the gums. Don't be put off by the taste!This is a very quick rinse.Spit out the dilute Listerine and use use the ACT as your last rinse.I do not recommend the strong fluoride ever – for a number of reasons.I would never recommend Periguard.So – there you have it – YOU DECIDE.But no – don't use some of this with some of that – unless you want to take responsibility for the outcome.I won't!Thanks for your question,EllieDr.Ellie Phillips DDSSolutions for Oral Healthwww.DrEllie.comDr

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