Thank You

Dr. Ellie,

Thank you so much for the Zellies samples! My daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this product, and we are hooked! We are so excited about keeping my daughter’s teeth cavity free. I was pleasantly surprised to see how delicious the product was! The Zellie mints made it easy for my daughter to take them in her lunch at school when she can’t get to a toothbrush. We will definitely be ordering more mints and gum. My excitement has made me want to educate myself further. I have read from front to back your book titled “The Power of Xylitol.” What a fascinating read! I am ready to incorporate more Xylitol into our lives but do have a few more questions before doing so. My questions are as follows: (Questions include Ellie’s answers)

In the book, there was a reference to cleaning toothbrushes. Can you elaborate on how this is done or provide a web link for me?

I plan to talk more about this in upcoming newsletters and webinars. After brushing dip your brush in a little “Dixie” cup of Listerine swish it around and then rinse it off under the tap water – and dry completely.

Do not cover your toothbrush or keep it in a bag?

Beware of germs in the air around a toilet and store your brushes somewhere away from this area of the bathroom even the kitchen may be a better idea.

What is your recommendation for changing out toothbrushes? I have heard anywhere from 1 week to 6 months!

If you clean your toothbrush every day you will be able to keep your brush for months – since every day it will be clean. Good brushes don’t really seem to wear out maybe change every three months or so. The important thing is keeping them CLEAN every day!

Does the size/brand of toothbrush make a big difference for an 8 year old? If so, what do you recommend?

The best brush that I know of is our toothbrush. I took a group of young adults and we tested all the different toothbrushes available over many month to see for ourselves which worked the best. We discovered two kinds and then made a hybrid of these two. You will love Zellies brush suitable for your 8 year old also. People ask if they should have soft/hard this is like the three bears story: Zellies brush is just right!

Does baked Xylitol loose its effectivity?

There are two beneficial effects of xylitol for teeth :1) killing bad bacteria 2) imporoving the color and condition of teeth. Xylitol in cooking and baking will work to kill bad bacteria but the other benefits comes from using mints and gum. I will attempt to explain how cookies can be good for your teeth this idea seems strange at first until you know how it works! The harmful bacteria in the mouth usually “feed” on sugar in the diet. Now you are going to offer them xylitol. They “feed’ on xylitol but cannot use it in fact xylitol disables them so they die out leaving your mouth nice and clean.

If you want the remineralizing effect to repair cavities etc. then you need the mints and gum after meals to remove mouth acidity after meals etc and help minerlize and strengthen teeth.

I’ve read the recommendation to slowly introduce Xylitol when ingesting. If cooking with it, is there a recommended limit? (For example, how many Xylitol cookies could be ingested by an adult or child that does regularly get Xylitol exposure?

Our bodies make 15 grams of xylitol daily ( about 3-4 teaspoons) I would start with a max of 15 grams a day when you are using it as a sugar replacement. (By the way : You do not need this much xylitol for dental health dental benefits plateau at around 10 grams.)But if you are a diabetic or want to replace all the sugar in your house the recommended upper limit each day is said to be over a quarter of a pound!I am not advocating that you consume this much but just so you know!

The answer then is that I would start with 1 tablespoon and increase from there.
I think 20 grams a day max is a sensible amount 5-6 teaspoons ( about 2 tablespoons) Remember moderation in all things ( see below) and DO NOT FEED IT TO YOUR PETS. Dogs have a different reaction to many foods and xylitol is not good for them.

I’m wondering if Xylitol can replace sugar in my household entirely when cooking.)

I like the idea of moderation in all things and I am not afraid of some sugar – small amounts, especially if it is as natural as possible.
I fear only the artificial sugar substitutes and things like splenda I would NEVER eat or consume!

How important are tongue cleaners? If important, where can these be purchased? Can a toothbrush on the tongue work just as well?

I have never used or recommended a tongue cleaner. I think a brush works great if you like to brush your tongue. If you want to use one no problem let me know and I will see if I can get a good one for you.

I recently read an e-mail from Zellies regarding “The Complete Mouth Care System.” The recommendation was to clean with the Closys 1st, then brush, then rinse with Listerine, then rinse with a flouride rinse. Where would the tongue cleaners and flossing enter in this process?

I do not include flossing or tongue cleaners because you don’t need either for dental health. I have never flossed nor advocated it to any patient. Watch upcoming seminars to discuss!! If you do want to floss do it after the Closys and before the brushing.

Also, I noted in this recommendation that this was for children over 12. My daughter is 8. What would I leave out of the process for her?

Your daughter could do well with the system but should not need the Listerine yet.

My kids have grown up using the entire system since the age of about 8 and have superb teeth but I don’t think it is essential yet.

If she does not like the Closys leave that out also. The Crest and the ACT will work well for her. Also lots of Zellies!

Thank you for your patience with my learning and for giving me hope. I grew up with a mouth full of fillings and am committed to my child not having the same experience. You have provided my family with such insight in a short period that years of denistry has not provided. Have wonderful Easter. With many blessings,


Dear A,

This is a wonderful message to receive.

I have days when I wonder if anyone is listening to me.

I feel as if I am hitting my head against a wall and then a letter like yours arrives and I know it is good to keep doing this!

I answered your questions inside your text (above). In bold are my replies for you.
I hope this answers everything but do not hesitate to let me know if anything is not clear.

Take care and I hope your and your family continue to enjoy your Easter and your Zellies!

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  • Cassie says:

    I’m excited to try the new zellies flavors! (especially grapefruit vanilla!). I liked this post; it was very informative. Also, about the tongue brush, I don’t feel like my mouth is really clean until I do something to my tongue. My favorite product by far is one I got off called the “tongue squigi” . It’s much more effective then a brush or those harsh metal varieties of scapers. Apparently it’s so popular it’s backordered sometimes.

  • Zach says:

    Cassie, I tried this suggestion and my tongue squigi just came a few days ago. I’m OBSESSED! I also got the all white dr collins toothpaste lines. really is a great find. Now they just need to offer zellies : )

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