Porcelain veneers

Hello Dr. Phillips,

I just came across your website which I find very informative. I have porcelain veneers, can I still use your recommended three oral rinse approach or will it affect the bonding? What toothpaste would you recommend for porcelain veneers? I’m currently using CloSYS but I read that you do not recommend CloSYS toothpaste. 

Thank you,

Dear FC,

You will love this system because it will make your mouth feel the cleanest ever! Veneers and crowns often make plaque a problem around their edges. This system will change all of that! You will not do harm to your veneers with Crest, but you can certainly choose which of the pastes you prefer. I would begin using the complete system as it is described then experiment (after a few weeks) using Closys toothpaste. You will feel the differences and be able to decide.For most people the Closys paste does not have quite enough “cleaning” power. One of my best dental friends is a top cosmetic dentist in Louisiana. He recommends my system to his patients so you can be sure that others with veneers have been very pleased.

Good luck and please let me know if you have any other questions.
Ellie Phillips
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