A Thank You — No Ear Infections

Hi Dr. Phillips,

I wrote to you about 7 months ago about my infant daughter was having chronic ear infections. We have been using Xylitol (sugar substitute form, in Xlear nasal spray and now Zellie’s mints since she now has enough teeth to chew) and I am happy to report Gianna has almost made it through cold season without any ear infections! This is quiet a change from the one per month she was getting prior to using Xylitol.

Just before beginning Xylitol we had an appointment with an ear nose and throat specialist who said we should consider ear tubes. I really was against having her go under anesthesia unless absolutely necessary. I came home and did a Google search on preventing ear infections and found Xylitol and your Zellies website. I know that your products have made a difference in our daughter’s life.

I also wanted to let you know that both my children, our daughter (almost 2) and son (4.5) enjoys your products especially the mints and fruit flavored mints (we call them fruities). Our son also enjoys the new favors of gum, grapefruit vanilla and mint being his favorite.

Thanks again for making your products. So far this winter we have avoided any trips to the doctor’s office…I am crossing my fingers because I do not want to jinx myself!! Having happy healthy children makes me one happy mommy! So…thank you!


MD in MA

Dear MD,

I am so grateful for your message and delighted to hear the healthy and good news.
I hope it is OK for us to post your message on our website to encourage others to try this.

So many kids have dental troubles and ear infections.
Please keep us informed as the time goes by and spread the message with other mothers we can help get the word out if we all work together!

Thanks again,

Ellie Phillips, DDS

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